javascript invoke submit on parent window from child window

I have a parent window that contains multiple submit buttons, depending on what option the user chooses (i.e. change address; process order; save as quote. If certain conditions are met, I need to pop up a new child window with some further instructions. After reading the instructions, the user has to choose to either "change address" or "process order", or just close the popup. Based on which button the user chooses in the child window, I need to automatically submit the corresponding button on the parent window.

Here's what I've got so far:

<script language="JavaScript">
      myWindow ="inc_verify_address.cfm", "addrWindow", 'toolbar=no,width=460,height=300,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes');

<form name="checkout" action="act_parent.cfm" method="POST">
  <input type="submit" name="change_address_a" value="change" onselect="submit();"><br>
  <input type="submit" name="process_order_a" value="order" onselect="submit();">

<script language="JavaScript">
function chg_addr()
function prc_order()

<input type="button" name="change_address" value="change" onclick="chg_addr();window.close();">
<input type="button" name="process_order" value="process" onclick="prc_order();window.close();">

The child window is closed, but the form is not submitted on the parent window.

Alternately, I have successfully set a value for an input field in the parent window, from the child window, with this syntax:
  window.opener.document.checkout.change_address_a.value = "true";

However, the onchange event does not seem to be working; the form is not submitted.

function submit_this()
<form name="checkout" action="act_parent.cfm" method="POST">
  <input type="text" name="change_address_a" value="" onchange="submit_this();">
  <input type="submit" name="submit_btn" value="submit">

I would appreciate comments on any approach that has worked for you in the past. Thanks!!!
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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Remove this attribute from the submit buttons:  onselect="submit();"
The function submit is not defined.
Also you need not to submit the form explicitely; it will be submitted implicite on submit button click.
If you like to submit the form on button select, then either call the form submit method like this:
<input type="submit" name="process_order_a" value="order" onfocus="this.form.submit();">

Or call the click() method of the submit button when the button is selected:
<input type="submit" name="process_order_a" value="order" onfocus=";">

But both behaviours will onlu confuse the user.

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<script language="JavaScript"><!--
var windowReference;

function openPopup() {
  windowReference ='popup.htm','windowName');
  if (!windowReference.opener)
    windowReference.opener = self;


<form name="formName" onSubmit="alert('submit triggered')">



And then in popup.htm:

<input type="button" value="Submit" onClick="opener.document.formName.submit()">
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