phpbb in iframe doesn't fit

I just got phpbb the other day and have it in an iframe within a 54% wide div. How could I squish it down to make the whole thing display within the iframe properly?

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Using % values is always risky:
I could see the content in the iframe correctly, but I use a high resolution.

A user with a low screen resolution will have difficulties.

My advice would be:
-use a fix width (in pixels)
-change the phpbb theme accordingly
zoobieAuthor Commented:
I think I tried using fixed width but still wasn't able to get it to fit without horizontal scrolling. That's what needs to be gone.
I also tried just putting the src in the div which wasn't supported by the big browser and went back to the iframe.
 I've tried wrapping a whole file in a defined div but that didn't work either.
I was wondering which file(s) in the phpbb template I needed to define width-wise so it all fits in the iframe.
That depends on the theme, but I think that you just need to change the file called "overall_header.tpl", because normally that's where the "main" table start code is.

For subsilver you should change this at the beginning:

<a name="top"></a>

<table width="770" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" border="0" align="center">

I put 770 because that way it should work well with people at 800x600 resolution

Test it very well because it can change from page to page, and I didn't have the chance to test it.
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zoobieAuthor Commented:
I think the overall_header.tpl is just for the Photos  FAQ  Search  Members  Profile  No new messages Log out buttons that are included in every page.  
I've managed to somehow squish it down but it still won't quite fit at my resolution of 800 x 600.
Not sure if this can be done.
I had a look at the page again and if you just want to add the buttons and headers, why not edit the template and put them there, and drop the iframe?

Since we are editing templates...
zoobieAuthor Commented:
I'm a little slow today. You mean build the community page around the board itself?  There are so many includes due to languages, etc, that I wouldn't quite know where to start.
sorry, I thought you only wanted to include the buttons and header.

What I usually do is adapt the template to the overall look of the site, but keep the site in a different place.

for example: have the board at the folder board/  change it's template to look like the main site (located for example at root) and try to make the change between one look and the other smooth by keeping some aspects the same such as the navigation menu.

Changing a template, however, requires a lot of work.

But you can go to their boards ( for tutorials on that.

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zoobieAuthor Commented:
Ok..thanks. I think it's probably the index_body.tpl that gets the treatment. I'll read up at the main site as you suggested...gotta be a way. Thanks again
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