How to Display Open Directory Dialogue Box

Hi all,

Instead of of selecting a file, I'm trying to let the user select a directory in a dialogue box.

Thank you
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Use the FolderBrowser object from the toolbar, then use this code:

        FolderBrowserDialog1.SelectedPath = "C:\TEMP"
        FolderBrowserDialog1.ShowNewFolderButton = True
        FolderBrowserDialog1.Description = "Select folder..."
        If FolderBrowserDialog1.ShowDialog(Me) = DialogResult.OK Then
            TextBox2.Text = FolderBrowserDialog1.SelectedPath
        End If
iflash2Author Commented:
Hi VBtorment,

I think im using the older version of VB.NET (2002)... there is no FolderBrowserDialog box.. is there another way to do this?
Hi VBtorment,
Try this for 1.0


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Use OpenFileDialog control and add the following code.

Dim OpenDig As New OpenFileDialog()
        OpenFileDialog1.Title = "Title of the Dialog Box"
        OpenFileDialog1.DefaultExt = ".doc"
        End If
koolnurd's answer looks about right, just thought id add what to do after your user has selected a file.

Once the user has selected a file, you can retrieve the path of the file/folder selected using OpenFileDialog1.FileName

Then you can instruct your app to do whatever you require using that path.

I dont agree with jazduck, Directory selection is a separate thing.
If you do not have a file in the directory in koolnurd method you cannt select that directory
Your right armoghan, i misread the question slightly.  OpenFileDialog would be correct to select a file, not a folder.
Accept Armoghan
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