system speed in windows 98 and windows 2000

kindly advice me the configuration to enhance the system performance of windows 98 and windows 2000 operating systems. how to check for any back door programs are running causing the system to run very very slow.
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Hi sherif60,

Firstly, I would suggest scanning for Viruses. Use any of the decent AV software available. There are a few good free ones.
Secondly, Scan for Spyware/Adware. 2 good tools are Adaware and SpyBot - Search and Destry. These can be found by searching google.
Thirdly, check which services are running. Disable any unnecessary services. There are many lists available on the net specifying which services to disable. A Win XP version, which should be fairly similar is available at
Finally, Look in task manager and find out what processes are running. If you find one that you don't want to run, click 'Start>Run', type msconfig in the bos and click 'OK'. You should be able to prevet any unnecessary processes from running in there.

As a side not, an AV package set to scan your system for any type of virus in any file type can often slow down a system. This will be especially noticable during file transfers.

Good Luck
sherif60Author Commented:
Thanks for your advice. Just give me some tips how to fine tune windows 2000 professional machines. how to check or how do we know is there any unnecessary process running in the background. thanks
The best way to tell is with experience. If you look at this list fairly regularly, then you get to know what should be running and when there is a new process running that you haven't seen before.

Search google for a list of unnecessary services and how to fine tune Windows. There are many pages out there. A lot of people use google to find answers to questions. The link I posted above was found via google. ;-)

Getting to grips with a search engine isn't particulary difficult. The best thing is to search for combinations of phrases. To search for a phrase, enclose it in speach mark. To search for combinations of phrases, enclose each phrase in it's own set of speach marks. Remember that your search results are only as relevant as your search query.

Good luck.

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