How to get the last 15 records from a MySQL table in the right order

Posted on 2004-11-30
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Last Modified: 2010-07-27
Dear Experts,

I have a MySQL table called "messages" which has two fields : name and message.

Now I need an example how to query this table and only fetch the LAST 15 records in (I guess) reverse order.

For example, when I have 1500 records:
The result must be one string containing record 1486, 1487, 1488 and so on: FIELD "name" + "some text" + field "MESSAGE" + " some text".

The idea is that people can enter a name and some short text in two fields on a webpage. Those fields are stored correctly into the table.
Now I need to display only the last 15 messages in chronological order, so last placed message last.

Kind regards,

Question by:MauriceW

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using MS-ACCESS you can have a "LAST n"-statement in your SQL-statement.
that is not possible with mysql.

you will have to use a "counter" field wich value you can use in your statement ( eg. SELECT ... WHERE counter >= 1445 and counter < 1500) or fetch all records in an array and get the last 15 out of these
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I hope you either have a date field, or a primary key field, otherwise sorting will be impossible.

Assuming you have an auto_increment primary key, you'd do:
    select name, message from messages order by message_id desc limit 15

If instead you have a create_date field:
    select name, message from messages order by create_date desc limit 15

These statements will select the last 15 records, but not in the order you want them. Since it's only 15, I suggest fetching them all, and reversing the result set in perl:

my @messages;
my $sth = $dbh->prepare('select name, message from messages order by message_id desc limit 15 ');
while(my $r = $sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
    push @messages, $r ;

foreach (reverse @messages) {
    print "Name: ", $_->{name}, $/;
    print "Message: ",  $_->{message}, $/;


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AFAIK,  if no order clause is specified in a MySQL query, the order the rows  are retrieved is the order they were inserted, so if you need to fetch the last 15, try this:

1. compute the total number of rows
  select count(*) from mesages;
2. substract 15 to the count minus one (since first row is 0) and use that number in limit, so, for example, if the count is 100 try:

select * from messages limit 84,15

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Kandura gave you the right answer :) Listen to him


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