General Advice: Xerox Phaser 7300N

We have had the Xerox Phaser 7300N printer for just over a year now. Silly enough we didn't take any extended warranty out for it (before i came to the company).

Well anyway, the network card inside the printer seems to be faulty. It will cost us nearly £800 to get it replaced, which is pretty extortionate, considering usually when one thing goes faulty on a piece of equipment, bit by bit it all tends to deteriorate. And they simply don’t want to be throwing away dead money getting it fixed.

Apart from putting it on eBay, I don’t really have many suggestions to what to do with it. I’ve spoken to the supplier who supplied it us initially and they don’t do any sort exchange.

I’m just looking for some advice please,

Thanks inadvanced, the_omnific
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Wojciech DudaCommented:
Hi the_omnific,

are you sure there is no cheaper option than getting a new network card? Like getting a used one, for example from an used printer of the same type? Are perhaps network cards from other printers from the saame manufacturer compatible? Try to look on the web for more info - I know I would with such price tag.

the_omnificAuthor Commented:

yeah ive had a browse around and i dont seem to be getting anywhere to be honest

the printer quality is fantastic, but the consumables are roughly £150.00 per colour, so it’s not cost effective for the firm at all.

does anyone know a company that usually deals in trade-ins in the uk?
The Xerox 7300N is a badged OKI C7300, if that is any help.
Unfortunately, I think that the  network card is built into  the main board, so that would explain the cost.
You could try using a print server box to print to the parallel or usb port, thus bypassing the network connection.

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Where in the UK?
My company operate in the West Midlands area, and might be able to help.
Wylie is correct: there is no separate network card; it is part of the main board.

Being a fast PostScript printer I would prefer a usb print server rather than parallel (PostScript does not take kindly to binary data over a parallel port).

Print costs on the 7300 are quite low. Sure, a cartridge may cost quite a bit, but they're rated at 15000 pages.
the_omnificAuthor Commented:

Thanks wyliecoyoteuk,

I am based in Manchester. Ideally i would like to get rid of it, but I guess if im going to be stuck with this printer, then using a print server box is my best option.

Never thought of that!



the_omnificAuthor Commented:

Hi-Capacity Cyan Toner       - £150.00
Hi-Capacity Magenta Toner  - £150.00
Hi-Capacity Yellow Toner     - £150.00
Hi-Capacity Black Toner       - £85.00

Cyan Imaging Drum             - £120.00
Magenta Imaging Drum        - £120.00
Yellow Imaging Drum           - £120.00
Black Imaging Drum             - £85.00

+ fuser unit - £x?

with us not being a massive company. And when we're paying for consumables at these prices. It's just not cost-effective for us at all.
From your costs, an average A4 page (5% coverage of each colour, i.e. 20% total coverage) works out to about 5p per page. Not exactly expensive. I don't know how much the fuser and transfer belt cost in the UK but they won't add more than .5p per page. Look at other colour lasers and the vast majority of them are in the same ballpark. Some are slightly cheaper to run, many are more expensive (I speak here going by prices in Australia, but I expect relative pricing will be the same in the UK)

Inkjets will be significantly more expensive - plus you need to buy expensive paper to get decent quality out of them; the paper alone will cost as much as the consumables on the 7300.
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