Converting from MDAEMON to exchange

Hi All,

I am currently looking into changing over our mail server from MDAEMON  to exchange.  Can anybody tell me about the implications of this?  I am aware that exchange is integrated with active directory.  I am vaguely familiar with setting up accounts using exchange and as far as can remember the email address of the person (before the @), then became the domain log-in of the user.  However, in our case our email address and log in is not related as mdaemon is not integrated with active directory.

So how will we be able to keep the same email addresses AND log-ins if we move over to Exchange?

Will we be able to use exchange to route mail to another office of ours? will their email address have to have the same domain name as us?

Can anybody give me a quick outline of the advantages of using exchange over any other mail server...

Also does anybody know where I can get comprehensive information on the functionalities of exchange, I need to do some research before I decide to go ahead.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

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Oh! Too many questions to answer manually. In such cases, google is your best friend.

Broadly, Exchange server is a very highly capable mail server. You can do much more than what you have stated in your question text you wanna do with it. Exchange Server, being tightly integrated with ADS, creates a very tightly knit emailing infrastructure on Windows Platform.

MDaemon, despit beign a very good product, is not as friendly as Exchange Server. However, administering MDaemon is much easier than Exchange Server, if you do not understand ADS well. A good understanding of ADS is almost a requirement for smooth administration of Exchange Server.

You haven't specified which version of MDaemon are you using currently, but it is almost certain that none of your settings (user accounts/mail boxes etc) will be migrated to Exchange Server automatically. The two servers are entirely different on that parameter.
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"... the advantages of using exchange over any other mail server..."

There aren't any, not for pure mail server purposes. Exchange is an entire office system for calendaring and a lot of other things. It is not a better mail server than say Postfix.
janereid21Author Commented:
I am still looking for information on converting MDaemon to exchange.. and as of yet have not received any information on it.  I really would appreciate some help

OK... I forgot that we are mindreaders. And we know that all the excellent help above had not helped you.

If you need any help, please answer to the experts above and excplain what is worng with them. EE is a collaborative site and as long as you stop working with the experts, noone will help you.

Just a note:  EE is a place to find help when you have a concrete question.. not when you want someone to explain everything from ABC. You will need to make some research alone also :)
janereid21Author Commented:
Thank you to everybody who gave me a reply.. However there in no mention of a conversion from Mdaemon to Exchange 2000 or 2003 in any of the answers.  This is my specific question and if anybody has had any experience in this area I would greatly appreciate some help.  Would Microsoft provide a service whereby they would do this for you?  


MDaemon and Exchange are two different kind of Mail Server products. While MDaemon is more like a stable bare bones product suitable for plain emailing, MS Exchange Server goes much beyond that. Integration with the OS and the active directory are certain features that set Exchange Apart. Without meaning to say Exchange is a better product than MDaemon, I'd say, Exchange is more feature rich. MDaemon (its latest versions) can help you migrate from an Exchange based system to MDaemon and also have integration with the Active Directory. But the reverse is not true.

MDaemon is relatively a much simpler mail server product and Exchange does not have a migration option. You have to do it manually if you so need.

From your question text it is not known what version of MDaemon you are running. There are no specifics of your current infrastructure or your planned infrastructure is known. Depending on your current version of MDaemon you may manually migrate your email system to Exchange. That means you have to manually make available old mails of the users to them. The same about address book etc. Your global address book and user's personal address books will have to be migrated manually.


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janereid21Author Commented:

Its Mdaemon SMTP/POP/IMAP server: v6.8.5

Thanks for your reply... I have recently joined a company who were using Mdaemon as their mail server and Netscape versions 4.7, 4.8, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 as their mail clients.

I've moved the clients over to Outlook 2000 in preparation for Exchange and their PST's are kept on the mail server.

I am thinking that what I will have to do is the following..

 - Set up exchange on a member domain controller, that way everybody's account will be mapped over from the primary domain controller.

 - Check MDaemon accounts to see who has mail on the server.
 - Open their mail client and download their mail, then delete their mailbox from Mdaemon

 - Add their addresses to Exchange immediately after doing this and make this address their primary SMTP address.

 - Change the settings on the firewall to point all of the mail being delivered to the member domain controller.

Reconfigure clients to Corporate or WorkGroup rather than Internet Only which is their current set up.

Can anybody else think of anything else I should consider?


Hi Jane.

I too had the same issue with converting from mdaemon to exchange.

Really all you have to do is use the Exchange migration wizard to convert your mailboxes, calenders, etc to exchange

Following is the link.

Hope this helps

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