unable to boot in normal mode

i am can only boot up in safe mode. w98
when i boot in normal mode it just hangs with the hour glass on.
i have tried disabling start up items to no effect.
i did eventually got it to start up ok by ticking the advanced 640x480 option.
i am using a 3d blaster banshee graphics c
thanks stuart
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in safe mode, delete the vid adapter, and reboot and reinstall with an updated driver
stuartholdAuthor Commented:
i have updated the driver from device manager (not in safe mode)
do you mean delete from device manager.
is that any different to just reinstalling the driver.

It means:

Bootup in Safe Mode and go to Control Panel > Device Manager and delete ALL entries under Display Adapter.

Reboot letting Windows reinstall the drivers, hopefully solving your problem.

Go to Display Properties (right-clicking an empty space in Desktop) and change the Settings to 800x600 or 1024x768 in True Color.

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stuartholdAuthor Commented:
tried that when i reboot it finds the graphics card and installs driver then asks for a reboot
this time it actually put the desktop icons up but thet were corrupted. so same as before but it went a litter bit further
when i updated the driver first time i just updated from the folder with the inf file etc.
i noticed however that there is a setup file in the same folder ?


Just noticed how old that card is!!!

Maybe it's just warning you of its future death)

If you want to try these drivers:



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Extract to a temporary folder and run the installer.

stuartholdAuthor Commented:
hi zee
you are working well
tried that still same problem
screen corruption
i think the card may have had it as you suggest.
your further guidance would be appreciated

The obvuious suggestion:

Can you try a different card or the card in a different PC?

Can you boot in safe mode?

If you can, try this:

Start > Run > type SCANREG /FIX and press enter.


This will repair and optimise your registry.

Also worth a try:

Start > Run > type SFC and press enter.

This will launch the System File Checker utility. Let it scan for altered or corrupted files.

You may need the Win98 CD.

All of them worth trying.

Stuart.  Did YOU originally install Windows on that computer and if so, do you recall if you had to supply an installation CD or floppy for the graphics card drivers?

Are you referring to a "3dfx Interactive Voodoo Banshee" card?

If so, first boot to whatever mode you can access the CD-Rom from, and copy the folder "x:\drivers\display\3dfx\banshee" to your hard drive.

When updating the driver from Safe Mode, try pointing the browser to that folder and you should see the file "banshee.inf" showing in the list.

Alternatively, right click on the .inf file and select "install".  This should then add the named device to the list of devices available when you select "No, I want to select a device from the list".

This older driver might allow you to boot into full windows and then try out other drivers.
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