URL to Variables

Ok...I closed my first question too soon it appear.

What I need to do is take a url for example www.mysite.com/directory1/directory2/directory3/ and making each directory a variable.   Below is the code that kind of does what I need:

<cfset url1 = "http://www.mywebsite.com/d1/d2/d3/">
<cfset dir_num = 0>

<cfloop condition = "dir_num less than 3">
     <cfset first_slash = 0>
     <cfset second_slash = 1>
     <cfset ind = 1>
     <cfloop condition="ind less than or equal to len(url1)">
          <cfif #Mid(url1, ind, 1)# eq "/">
               <cfset first_slash = #second_slash#>
               <cfset second_slash = #ind#>
          <cfset ind = #ind# + 1>  
     <cfset length = #second_slash# - #first_slash# - 1>
     <cfset directory = Mid(#url1#, #first_slash#+1, #length#)>

     <cfswitch expression="#dir_num#">
       <cfcase value="0">
         <cfset directory3 = #directory#>
       <cfcase value="1">
         <cfset directory2 = #directory#>
       <cfcase value="2">
         <cfset directory1 = #directory#>

     <cfset url1 = Mid(url1,1,len(url1)-#length#-1)>

     <cfset dir_num = #dir_num# + 1>

d1 = #directory1#
d2 = #directory2#
d3 = #directory3#

I need this code to do a couple more things:
1. if there is a file specified ignore it....I just want the directories returned as variables
2. only define variables for directories defined for example if the site is www.mysite.com/directory1/directory2/  there will only be two variables defined ...if there are 3 directories...3 variables will be defined.  
3. completely ignore the host...I do not need this returned as a variable...
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You should see the url string as a list, separated with '/'.
If a file is specied, :

<cfset urlarray = arrayNew(1)>
<cfset c=0>
<cfloop index = "index_name"    list = "#url1#"    delimiters = "/">
<cfif not index_name contains ".">
   <cfset urlarray[c]=index_name>
   <cfset c=c+1>

<cfdump var="#urlarray#">
mhixonAuthor Commented:
I get the following error:

The element at position 0 of array variable &quot;URLARRAY&quot; cannot be found.
<cfset variables.url1 = "http://www.mywebsite.com/d1/d2/d3/" />
<cfset variables.dir_num = 0 />


      <cfset variables.dir_num = variables.dir_num + 1 />
      <cfset structInsert( variables, "directory" & variables.dir_num, variables.item ) />


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mhixonAuthor Commented:
I get the following error:

Cannot insert item with key directory1.  
 This key already exists.  
mhixonAuthor Commented:
Sorry about that...my error...got it to work....Im going to work with this a little bit and make sure it does everything I need it to....Ill be back in touch thanks
mhixonAuthor Commented:
Thanks...got this to do everything I want....appreciate the help!
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