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I have started mu job as an Search Engine Optimization Trainee. From the experts here i want to learn about Organic Searches that how can i be an expert in that . Any Links , Tutorials are esp welcome
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A good place to start is this tutorial:  Given that Google has largely been the driving force (IMHO) behind the movement to so-called 'organic search', you should also review their Webmaster Guidelines ( for practical tips, but also because it pretty clearly establishes their philosophy.  Since 'organic search' is largely content-based, from a design perspective, you want to make sure that your design is clear and uncluttered (both visually and in terms of your coding) so that it is easily accessable and navigable by users (and SE crawlers).  For a basic one-page overview of some of the elements related to the design aspect, see  From a web dev perspective, this inherently means embracing CSS layouts over table-based designs, externalizing your style sheets and client-side scripting, etc.

Under this approach, keyword-relevancy becomes even more important.  The best way to think of keywords is as words that someone looking for the kinds of services you offer would type into a search engine to find those services.  You want to put some serious thought into which keywords best represent your website and then use them in your Page Title tag, your Heading tags, your Alt tags, etc. as outlined in the earthskater link above.  You also want to use them in your website content (very important).  Try to use the 'early and often', but never at the expense of compromising the relevance and clarity of your content.  Remember to optimize each page (from most important to less important) for its most suitable keywords.

Incoming links are extremely important.  Most search engines use the number and quality of links to your site as an indication of the relevance and importance of your site.  How do you get links?  First and foremost, you build a quality site with relevant content as above.  If you create a valuable information resource, people will link to you.  You can also exchange links with other websites.  However, make sure they are also quality websites with content that is related to yours.  A link from a poor site won't benefit you at all and remember to avoid Link Farms AT ALL COSTS.  Not only will you not benefit from their link to you, SEs will penalize you for linking to them.  One very important step in this regard is to get your website listed in the appropriate directory at the Open Directory Project (  A listing there ensures that your site will be crawled by Google and numerous other SEs and legit directories.  Once the website is ready, read the submission guidelines, choose the most appropriate category and submit your site.  And be patient, the ODP is edited by people and each submission is evaluated by a DMOZ editor, so it can take a while to get listed sometimes.

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mcse20002000Author Commented:
Very Comprehensive Answer for sure, i am waiting for what Our SEO Guru duz has to say about our Expert humeniuk comments before awarding the points
:)  Always a wise move.
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mcse20002000 -

Firstly good luck with the new job as a Search Engine Optimization Trainee!

Humeniuk's answer is as good as you can get to a general question like yours but I am going to add some words of advice of my own.  Keep these things in mind as you progress from trainee to an expert SEO.

1. Remember that there are 50+ PhDs working on the Google algorithm in a top secret environment and that for every one thing that we know (or can deduce) there will always be 100 that we don't know and can never find out.

2. Do not rely on perceived wisdom and always test possible theories (as far as you can) yourself. By the time you are an expert you should have plenty of 'test bed' sites of your own which you are using to try out various theories that you are not sure about.

3. Do not just SEO for today but plan for one, two or five years ahead by reading the technical literature from those who are involved in constructing search engines.  For example Google's research scientist Krishna Bharat has a number of academic publications reading these and 100's of other papers by his colleagues will give you an insight as to the way that they are thinking and how you should plan for the future.  Of course it wont tell you everything but on the other hand you wont be surprised when (or if!) Google starts combining link and content analysis to estimate semantic similarity for example.

4. As you progress attend as many SEO conferences and meetings as you can and seek out all the people there who DO NOT make a living by selling SEO services. In other words the people who make money by SEOing there own sites (perhaps affiliate sites) because these are the real experts and they make ten times as much money doing it for themselves rather than doing it for others. Talk with them as much as you can.....

Every good fortune in your new career.

- duz
Sorry fingers faster than brain this morning :) It should be " SEOing their own sites...". - duz
Great info, duz.  I'm going to bookmark this one myself  :)
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