Routing mail to a subdomain

We have a server which needs to receive mail to a subdomain of ours. Our main domain is and the new server which needs to get mail is Being new to DNS configuration, I'm not sure of all that I am missing.
The servers web page is able to be accessed but mail does not seem to be routed to it.
Here are the relevant zone entries: IN      MX      10 IN      A

We can send fine outbound from that server, just inbound is the issue. So, it seems that the SMTP process is working fine on the server, it's just the DNS which is not configured right.
In my limited knowledge of DNS, I assumed that if a server is unable to resolved a name, it would go eventually to the root server, which would send the request to the proper name authority. Does this work for subdomains also? Or do I need to register this new subdomain?
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Hi Altarum,
Is the DNS server you are adding this entry to listed in the WHOIS database as being the nameservers for this domain?
Your nameservers are and ns1.altarum.ord. The entry should be present on both of these nameservers.

I have done a DNS query and it looks as though it should work to me.
AltarumAuthor Commented:
Yes, they are listed. I added the MX record yesterday and tested this morning.....should I wait another day or so? I am doing test emails from Hotmail. Any better way to test?
If you give me an example (temporary - to avoid being harvested by spammers) email address I can test from my mailserver. I can monitor its logs to find out exactly what is going wrong.
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AltarumAuthor Commented:
try this temp account:

Does the zone entries look ok, or is there something else we need to do?
054AC7B0A6     1350 Tue Nov 30 16:05:30
       (connect to[]: Connection timed out)

-- 1888 Kbytes in 5 Requests.
mail:~ # telnet 25

Your mail server on is not accepting the mail connection.

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AltarumAuthor Commented:
Doh......that seems to work....not sure how I missed that.
Thanks again....
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