String Comparison in T-SQL

Is it "legal" to compare strings in T-SQL such as what I am doing here?  I am having some issues with our accounting system not reflecting my "mappings" below and I was wondering if there was an issue with my code.  Another pair of eyes would be greatly apprecieated.

update dbo.loadfile
set = 206002, dbo.loadfile.product = 21, dbo.loadfile.acct = 59002
where = 'VNG0'
      and ((dbo.loadfile.product >= '2300' and dbo.loadfile.product <= '5550')
            or (dbo.loadfile.product >= 'A021' and dbo.loadfile.product <= 'A388')
            or (dbo.loadfile.product >= 'D290' and dbo.loadfile.product <= 'FSTD')
            or dbo.loadfile.product in ('HNDG','K849','RMCO','RMPK','RMCT','RMPP','RMPE','RMLA','RMMM'))
      and dbo.loadfile.acct = 54110;

update dbo.loadfile
set = 206002, dbo.loadfile.product = 80000277, dbo.loadfile.acct = 59002
where = 'VNG0'
      and ((dbo.loadfile.product >= 'LITR' and dbo.loadfile.product <= 'LLTM')
            or dbo.loadfile.product in ('RMKT','RMLC','TCSV','ZSID'))
      and dbo.loadfile.acct = 54110;
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Yes it is legal. The only thing to bear in mind, is that where you do:

dbo.loadfile.product = 80000277

if product is a text field, SQL Server's default approach is to attempt to cast all the values in the product column to integer values in order to do the comparison. If it does not contain exclusively numerical values, you will get an error. In this case, you should use:

dbo.loadfile.product = '80000277'

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concur with muzzy
i think it really depends on what your case sensitivity is  for the database....

also do you really wish to allow '2300       zzz'  as a value?

since its an accounting system you may be better off categorising those values on a separate table
to allow for more auditablity...

And collation, since the comparison contains inequalities with strings. Of course, you can cast (right word?) the value into the right collation before making the comparison to achieve the results you want anyway.
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