is there a problem if i make many vpn connections ?

is it legal to make vpn connections for each client.... of ISA Server 2000 ?
can i give the right to access the internet in ISA using vpn connections ?
number of clients about 30 user.
i want to do this because i need to make authenetication for access the internet by user name and password .
whats ur opinion ?
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hello 3ezz

 you will need to clarify what exactly it is you are asking if you want a proper answer. if the question is 'can i use vpns to allow user level access to the internet based on a user name and password' then the answer is no idea and why.

if they are making a vpn connection then it must be via a lan (otherwise they would already have inet?)

and if its a vpn across a lan to an ISA server, then why not just use the ISA client software which already provides the functionality you want without a vpn.
3ezzAuthor Commented:
yes it is in a LAN and iam now using the ISA Firewall .. but why i need vpn ..
because i need more secuirty and authenitication .. (user name and password) .. restricting access to intrnenet to user name and password .. something like PPPoE Server in Linux..
so ,, can you help me please i hope you understand what i need.
well i dont see why it wouldnt work - providing you have the 'use default gateway on remote network' option ticked in the vpn connections (it is ticked by default anyway)

you would then need to install the isa client as you would on a normal domain. you would also need to ensure that the LAN tcp/ip properties does not include a gateway.

as for whether its legal or not, are we talking about licensing? in order to get inet access thro isa you will need to use some sort of client access license whether you logon straight on to the domain or via a vpn as inet access will be granted based on NT user account permisisons. the same account they will have to logon to the vpn with.


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