Finding info on apple airport base station and why its broadcasting dhcp and how to stop it.

Hello, we have a client who has set up an apple airport base station.  It is broadcasting network wide that it is offering dhcp (thereby creating a rouge dhcp server apparently).  I want to stop it or filter it.  I want to either a: tell the client admin how to stop it, or b: prevent it from broadcasting dhcp info, without preventing the airport from recieving dhcp info from the authoratative source.

Unfortunately I will not have access to this machine, and do not want to tell the admin to fix it himself without any info or give him any trouble.  I want to provide the process for him to do if possible.

My network consists of multiple clients, multiple o/s's, and varying modes of access to the network.  This particular network (the exterior side, my side) has a cisco router in charge of dhcp, Nat, and acting as the gateway and there are switches but they are not intelligent.  We do have the ability to filter TCP/IP traffic from and too the client network but only in a limited manner, all traffic for a port either in or out.

The apple airport base station is about 4 years old, I have the serial number, eth id, airport id, and model number.

Any info on obtaining manuals or on the process of restricting dhcp on the airport to only the internal network without affecting the external network dhcp would be appreciated.  Points divided amongst answers till an answer is reached which resolves the question.
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It's fairly easy to stop it from distributing IP addresses. (You must already be on the network, either wirelessly on via Ethernet if so enabled.) Launch Airport Admin Utility. You should see the Base Station listed. Highlight it and click on Configure. You may need to enter a password (not the same as the network password) to change its settings. Click on the Network tab. Uncheck "Distribute IP addresses" Click update. This will restart the Base Station and you will temporarily lose your connection. That's it.
RebelnorthAuthor Commented:
Does this procedure prevent the base station from distributing ips out to the external network only, or does it prevent it from distributing ips entirely?

The "Distribute IP addresses" checkbox "unchecked" would stop all IP distribution. It could be checked, then limited by IP address range. It COULD It could be checked, then only distribute addresses to it's OWN wireless clients if "Distribute DHCP addresses to Ethernet" is UNchecked.

"Enable Airport to Ethernet Bridging" is on by default to allow the Base Station to be a bridge between the Ethernet and Wireless Networks.

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RebelnorthAuthor Commented:
That doesnt resolve a larger issue that I didnt mention, but answers my question... thanks...
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