How to access Outlook from any ISP?

For mobile users (laptops), how can they access their Outlook email from any location, with any ISP?  The current problem is that the users can access everything in Outlook fine at the office, but when they go home and use their own ISP to get online, they have to put the ISP's SMTP server name for outgoing mail in order to send.  If they are traveling, they may use any number of ISP's. Do they still have to put in the SMTP server for every ISP they use every time they go to a new location?  I know they can send/receive using OWA, but they then don't have access to all their personal folders, address books, etc--is there a way to access all of these using OWA as an alternative to Outlook?

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Hi maharlika,
> , they have to put the ISP's SMTP server name for outgoing mail in
> order to send.

You are absolutely right .. I have to do the above aswell. But for me this works. I have my universities webmail put in my outlook and hence my incoming and outgoing would be and
At home , i have comcast so I had to change my outgoing as

But what I have figured out is at home , I was able to give and then checked that "my outgoing server requires authentication" and I was able to send email to any domain from home. You may want to try that aswell.

RPC over HTTPS is the only way to go for any ISP...and that is not always guaranteed if they block this traffic (which is rare).  The downside is that it works only for Exchange 2003 users running Outlook 2003...and it can be a bear to setup initially.

Prior to that I have allowed relaying via port 25 as long as the users authenticated.
At another company the users had to access the internal Exchange server via VPN.

Sembee has published a good amount of information on configuring RPC over HTTPS.
maharlikaAuthor Commented:
It seems like it's unrealistic to try to set it up so they can use Outlook from any ISP without changing the outgoing server address.  Is there any way to use OWA and still have access to their contacts and stored personal email?
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Well maharlika , did you try to check "my outgoing mail server requires authentication " option and did that work ?
Just jumping in here to make it clear where the problem is, maharlika.  This isn't a limitation of Outlook, this is the fact that because of spammers email servers worldwide no longer allow "open relay".  

This means that unless you have logged onto their mail servers with your user name and password to "prove" to the server who you are, it assumes you are a spammer and will not allow you to send any mail.  You logging onto AOL while on the road, using AOL credentials, doesn't "prove" to your mail server on earthlink (that you connect to at home) that you are really you.  You haven't logged into their servers using your earthlink user name and password.  

So SR is suggesting that by just changing your SMTP server settings to include your user name and password you may be able to send from anywhere in the world (assuming you are connected to the Internet) without changing your server name.

I'm just making up AOL and earthlink, I don't know what you are using, but I have Charter cable.  From home I can send without the outgoing mail server requiring authentication.  While on the rode I can send as long as I have my outgoing mail server settings to include my user name and password.  So give that a try first.

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Glad you are jumped in.. As long as you comment , I can learn something new in outlook... Thanks for that..
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