outlook 2000 imported setting to win xp pro , now reminders have stopped are there any files I have forgot to import

I have a new machine with xp pro but with my full licence win 2000 office suite brought over from my old scrapped system, I have the old drive as slave and sucessfully imported mail, settings adress book calender etc, but the outlook reminders does not work .

I used my MS Office premium disks to reload office and everything works fine except the reminders in outlook , are there any config files that will still be on my old drive that need bringing in/

the old drive is now set as a slave drive so it is easy to browse and transfer anything I need , but of course this may not be the solution.

Is there any chance the pop up blocker in xp sp2 is having an adverse affect /

The main thing is I get reminders to work again or I'll forget :-)

I have already done numerous searches and been through the options reset and applied the reminders interval closed down the computer , but that did not work.

The reminders are there but they just do not occur , (no pop up or sound, I have even redirected the sound to the default reminder wave but that did not have any effect so it would suggest the reminder pop-up window is just not being called at all

Anyone come across this before?
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>> Is there any chance the pop up blocker in xp sp2 is having an adverse affect /

AFAIK, it should not affect. You may want to disable windows xp inbuilt firewall but that should not have any effect.

So you have all your reminders and everything fine  except that reminders donot pop-up to remind you .

After importing the PST from the slave drive, have you tested using a test event to see if it would pop-up.
May be something is corrupted in your PST or some setting is not correct. Check for both..

BeastOfBodminAuthor Commented:
thanks  will have a look at the corrupt pst file first and post back tomororrow but it brought over everything email settings, calender , notes etc etc , and the reminders are all there , they just dont remind
There are two different things you might have done to get your data into Outlook, and only one of them will cause your reminders to work:

1.  If you clicked FILE->OPEN and opened up the old file as a 2nd PST file in your profile, and it is not the PST file which says "Outlook Today-Personal Folder" in the folder list, then it is not your default delivery point.  Reminders only fire on the default delivery point.  You will need to either import the data into the new PST file or change the default delivery point.  The steps for doing that depend on whether you are running IMO or CW mode.  Post back with which one, if not sure it's under HELP->ABOUT right under the version.

2.  If the PST file with all your appointments is in the folder called "Outlook Today - Personal Folder" then close Outlook and try opening it again by going START->RUN->"outlook.exe /cleanreminders"

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BeastOfBodminAuthor Commented:
traval and sunray thanks for your help, but traval hit the nail with his solution and everything is now ok, sorry for the delay in getting back to you both,

many thanks and seasons greeting to you both
hey all

personally , i am facing the same issue now in my outlook 2002.. Hoping to solve it soon..

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