IMAP on outlook

I want to use IMAP on MS Outlook, the only problem is that it doesnt seem to support IMAP.
When I send a message, it wont go to my IMAP sent items folder. Same with Drafts.

Is there a way to set up MS Outlook so that it does work with IMAP, with setting up RULES a certain way
or something??? PLEASE HELP
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of Outlook ?

I have not tested IMAP in outlook and not sure why that could happen..
Can you try to setup that IMAP account in your Outlook express and see if the same behavior is seen.

You should have some success using rules.
go to inbox
go to tools > rules wizard
create a new rule
start from blank rule
check messages after sending > select "through a specified account" and give value for that account
> move it to the specified folder and give value for "specified"
finish setting the rule
run the rule and check if what you are trying to do , happens or not

From the description of your problem, it sounds like you have configured IMAP in Outlook but it is not working right.  Is that correct?

Are there other accounts in this Outlook profile, and if so is one of the other accounts listed as the default account?

And like SR asked, we definitely need the version here.
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