cannot ping NIC 2 in win2k server

I installed 2 NICs in win2k server machine and configured RRAS with LAN routing.
*NIC 1 connected to the switch in a local network (network A).
*NIC 2 act as the WAN connection and connected another LAN(Network B).
From another computer in the same network(network A), I can ping the 1st NIC(local) of win2k server but not the 2nd NIC(WAN). Can ping from win2k server to (network A)

How can I ping the 2nd NIC from another PC on the same LAN(network A)?
IP details of win2k server are
NIC 1-
IP:, Gateway:
Local PC(which I tried to ping from) IP: Gateway:
NIC 2-
IP; gateway the address of the second router(linksys WAN port) connected to the second network)

I need some help to connect and ping 2) from
I appreciate your help

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your gateways are messed up, they are in the wrong network
in addition
you can try multiple gateways;EN-US;Q262397

When two network adapters are present in a computer (multihomed), a default gateway should only be assigned

to one of the network adapter's TCP/IP properties. If one of the network adapters is used to connect

to the Internet, the default gateway should be assigned to that network adapter. In many cases, the

default gateway, as well as the other necessary TCP/IP information is assigned automatically by the

Internet Service Provider by using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). This can be confirmed

by using the IP Configuration utility (Winipcfg.exe) to view the TCP/IP properties for the network adapter

you are using to connect to the Internet.

For the network adapter that is connected only to the Local Area Network (LAN), such as a home or corporate

network, a static routing entry must be entered into the computer's routing table if the computer needs

to obtain access to network resources across a router or multiple routers. For example, if the router

interface on the same subnet has an IP address of and the router is connecting the

network to a network, the following command would need to be entered either at a command

prompt within Windows or from a batch file:


This command instructs Windows to send all traffic that is destined for the network to the interface on the router. To verify that the ROUTE ADD command was successful, use the ROUTE

PRINT command to view the current routing table. If multiple routers are being used on the LAN segment,

a separate ROUTE ADD is needed for each router.

Note that the routing entry is not persistent in Windows 98/95, even with the -p switch, and is lost

after you restart the computer. To have this entry automatically added for every Windows session, create

a batch file with the necessary ROUTE ADD command(s) and place it in the Windows StartUp folder to be

executed each time Windows starts.

If DHCP is used to assign IP addresses on the LAN, the DHCP server should be configured to not provide

a default gateway.

rockygoldAuthor Commented:
thanks for your prompt feedback,
could you please tell me which gateway is being messed up?
Sorry I wanted to say that 2nd NIC's gateway is is the WAN IP address of the 2nd router connected to network B)

or do youthink the 2nd router has to be in a different subnet such as or whatever?


>>NIC 1-
IP:, Gateway:
can't be, not on the same network. If the ip is then the gateway has to be 192.168.0.x
where x is 1-254 and not 4
NIC 2-
IP; gateway
can't be, can't have two devices with the same ip address
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rockygoldAuthor Commented:
Heaps of thanks again,
I am certainly going to do the way u recommend,
Before that I need to clear few things.
There were few reasons behind to do it this way.

*Also, NIC 2 gateway was not It was is IP address of the second router-BEFSR41-assigned to the WAN(internet) port Sorry about the typing error.

I tried it this way because I got confused with the second router's gateway settings.
 Ok then what do you think I'm gonna assing the IP's again as below

NET A(2 PC's + win2k server as a router)
PC 1-
win2k server NIC1-

The gatway for the above will be the IP of the NIC2-
The gateway for the NIC 2 will be the IP of the 2nd router(linksysBEFSR41)-

NET B(2 PCs+ linksys)

The gatway for the 2nd router(linksys WAN port) will be of NIC 2)
PC 1-
PC 2-
Internal Ip of the linksys is typically-

I am still confused with what has to be the gateway for the above 2 PC's in NET B. i assume it's is the WAN IP of the linksys router)

Hope this is better than the previos.or any changes that I have to make so that i can ping one another?

Thanks alot

>>Internal Ip of the linksys is typically-
then this is the gateway
the gateway is the door out of the network, but the door has to be on the network
but you missed a very important part of my first post

"When two network adapters are present in a computer (multihomed), a default gateway should only be assigned

to one of the network adapter's TCP/IP properties"
plase go thru and read thoroughly my first post
also see here for good info on tcp

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rockygoldAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot ,
I'm gonna go through   manythings +what u suggested within the next couple of days and try setup the whole thing from the scratch. I have also started to grasp alot of new things about routing after having some reads.I'll getback to you with some good results.Please let me know if u have anymore new suggestions about routing on windows networks.
rockygoldAuthor Commented:
Finally I got a bit of picture,  Thanks a lot for all your help.Now I am able to ping every PC and the routers in both LANs,The method that I used was,

NET (1)  -win2k server+ 2 pcs

pc 1-IP gateway-
pc 2-IP gateway-

win2k-nic 1-
**win2k-nic 2-

NET (2) -linksys router+ 2 pcs

linksys internal IP-


This way they all work fine.Doesn't mean that I have got everything right, I still need to share files between these 2 networks and ad an adsl internet connection which comes from another LAN to my LAB
Thanks heaps

Glad to hear it!
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