The post method using indy components

i'm trying to post data to a php (Version 4.3.8) webpage using indy components (version 8.0.25),it comes with builder 6, but it doesn't work. The webpage return a empty array. Anyone can help me ? You can see the c++ builder and php code below.
best regards!

//C++ Builder code

void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)

// i'm runing tcpviwer on localhost port 5555, so i'm able to see what happen

TStringStream* ret_url = new TStringStream("");
TStringList *parametros = new TStringList();

//this web site exist you can test
AnsiString url="";



//PHP code

echo"dados postados:<br>";
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kode99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest updating Indy to the current version 9.x.  I think I have 9.14 but I beleive the most recent is 9.17.  There have been some pretty significant changes.

Anyway,  I ran the code without the proxy settings and my result was as follows:

dados postados:<br>Array
    [PIN] => 1234567890113

It's not empty but I don't know what you are expecting to come back.

directcallAuthor Commented:
Why does noboby answer anything about my doubt?
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