File Creation Error

I am getting following error while creating a file in Java.

The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open

When I tried to find the problem on net every where people are talking abt followiing error code ERROR_USER_MAPPED_FILE(1224).
But nobody is suggesting a solution to get rid from this error

After seeing the different links, I am sure this is definately the windows error rather than some error from programming language

So if you know how can we rid from such problems, please share with me

I have searched the net for various links using this search url

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What Java do you have installed ?

Have you tried with Sun Java Desktop ??

Best Regards !
sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:
I believe this is not a problem of Java because in other system with similar Versio of Java it is working. So, I think this is windows Error. As I posted this is a problem of ERROR_USER_MAPPED_FILE  which is purely windows file creation/access error.  

I am using jdk1.4.2

hmmmm, windows 95, do me a favor and run a search for a file called startup, if you find a file with that name, delete everything in it.  This will get rid of any user ran programs that could intervine with the computer.  Any programs in this list will no longer run in the memory and will have to be manually started (by means of start-programs-(whatever file you need), this will also free up memory and could improve your system performance.  :) Good Luck.

And just because the same version runs on another computer doesn't mean this computer's file couldn't have become corrupted, this occured often within windows 95, if need be remove and reinstall the application.
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sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:
beltvalleycomputers ,

I have allready done what you have suggested. After loosing all hopes, I posted this question :-(

MerlinsmasterNetwork Engineer IICommented:
This is from the MSDN LIBRARY!

Do you know how to serach the MSDN Library!

// MessageText:
//  The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open.
#define ERROR_USER_MAPPED_FILE           1224L

You are working with a file that is still open in a previous state!

Check the MSDN at

Happy Hunting!

MerlinsmasterNetwork Engineer IICommented:
  Platform SDK: Debugging and Error Handling


Platform SDK: Debugging and Error Handling

System Error Codes (1000-1299)
The following table provides a list of system error codes (errors 1000 to 1299). These values are defined in the WinError.h header file. They are returned by the GetLastError function when many functions fail. To retrieve the description text for the error in your application, use the FormatMessage function with the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag.

The FormatMessage function formats a message string. The function requires a message definition as input. The message definition can come from a buffer passed into the function. It can come from a message table resource in an already-loaded module. Or the caller can ask the function to search the system's message table resource(s) for the message definition. The function finds the message definition in a message table resource based on a message identifier and a language identifier. The function copies the formatted message text to an output buffer, processing any embedded insert sequences if requested.

This is one way to find out what is causing your problem!

It is from the MSDN site!

Here is the Link!

Good Luck!


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