Resetting Speedtouch 510 username and password?

Hi Guys - I am trying to set up a home network to share AOL Broadband and had to purchase the Speedtouch 510 (as they only support a few routers)

I picked one up from eBay and have started to install it but after my computer has detected it and I click on next it comes up with "Password Protected" and gives me a username and password to type in.

I have tried resetting it back to factort settings as per instructions from the manual - and it does seem to be rebooting just as described in the instructions how it should be but for some reason the password protection would go?

I have been in contact with the seller who has given me a username and password to try but it hasnt worked.  I still waiting to hear back from him?

I would apprecaite if anyone knows an other way to get me into the router to be able to configure it?

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Gday vs0u109e,

This should help you out, I would say the simplest option would to be the hardware reset button (option3) once its reset.
username= admin
password = password

Shoutouts to Daniel Petri the speedtouch guru who taught me all the hidden tips/tricks.

There are 3 ways in which you can reset the modem's settings (along with the password):

Two local software methods: Browse-to-Defaults - Which sets all parameters to original defaults, but keeps the system password and IP address and Ping-to-Defaults - Which sets all parameters to original defaults, including the system password and IP address.
One hardware method: Switch-to-Defaults.

Method #1 - Browse-to-Defaults
If you're already logged onto the web interface, click the System Setup button and then click the Defaults button to reset the modem.

A warning will appear. Click Ok if you're sure about resetting the modem.

Click Save All to save the changes. The modem will reset itself. After reset, all original configurations of the modem are restored, except the modem's Ethernet IP address.

Method #2 - Ping-to-Defaults
A second software method to reset all settings to the original defaults is the Ping-to-Defaults.

Proceed as follows:

Turn off the modem.
Open a command-prompt (CMD.EXE in NT, W2K and XP, COMMAND.COM in Win98) window.
First, clean the computer's ARP cache:
C:\WINDOWS>arp -d

Add a static entry to the ARP cache, according to following syntax:
C:\WINDOWS>arp -s <any IP address> 01-90-d0-80-01-ff

<any IP address> can be any address within your subnet as long as it is not used by any other member of your local network.

the MAC address must be identical to the one written here. Copy and paste if you can't get it right.

To verify whether this step was successful execute arp –a
C:\WINDOWS>arp -a

Interface: --- 0x4
Internet Address    Physical Address    Type             01-90-d0-80-01-ff     static

( is used as an example).

Initiate a continuous pinging, by executing following command:
C:\WINDOWS>ping -t

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

... and so on ...

Turn on the modem.
After the modem finished its POST, it will perform a reset to default settings.
You can now stop the continuous ping by pressing CTRL-C.
You must clear the entry in the ARP cache by issuing the following command:
C:\WINDOWS>arp -d

If needed, reconfigure the mode's IP address, e.g. via a Ping-of-Life - Set the Ethernet Port IP Address on Alcatel SpeedTouch Home/Pro.

Note: The used <any IP address> to perform a Ping-to-Defaults is not assimilated by your modem. The modem will restart with the original defaults, including the default IP address

Method #3 - Switch-to-Defaults
At the back of the modem there is a small push button labeled "Defaults". Via this button a hardware reset of the modem, the Switch-to-Defaults, is possible.

Proceed as follows:

Make sure your modem is turned on.
Use a pencil to press the push button at the back of the modem.
Release the button. Via the flashing front panel LEDs, you will notice that the modem will reboot. Wait to allow the POST to end. The modem will come online with manufacturing defaults.
After a reset to original defaults a reconfiguration of modem's IP address might be necessary. This because the reset to defaults also resets your modem's IP address to its default value
Just a quick followup to see how you went with this?

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