calling signed applets from javascript

I have some applet that I have signed and that have to the some writing on the hard disc. This is for intranet application. When I save file from init method of applet or any method whic I called on applet form by pressing button that's work fine. But when I call applet method form javascript like myApplet.saveFile() that throws security exiption that it dont have permission to write to the disk. When I call applet methods from javascript that don't violete standard permission that work fine but I need to call those save methods to because half of my front end is in pure html. Obviously this is some security issue that I dont know and have to protect  calling of dangerous methods  by other people scripts. Can someone show me the way to do what I want and need to.
tia Cubrovic
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did you set the

      <PARAM NAME="scriptable" VALUE="true">

tag in the <OBJECT> tag refering to the applet?
cubrovicAuthor Commented:
I dont use object tag. I use applet tag . And didnt thintk that this is the issue because I can call succesfully any applet method from javascript but the one I use to save files.
You need to sign the javascript, though I don't believe this is supported under IE.


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cubrovicAuthor Commented:
I kind of found a solution.
I start thread from the applets init that check for every 300ms if there are some new action from javacript started and  from javascript I set just an action variable (String) that tell that thread what have to be done next.
Not ideal solution bat we're not living in ideal world ;)

Thanks for participating and you have points for that.
If you have some observations on my solution I will love to here it. Before something explodes.

yes a similir workaround is to have your js calla method that queues the task to be performed, and then process those threads from another trusted thread.
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