Server.CreateObject Failed

I get the following error message when I try to submit a simple email form:

Server object error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3'

Server.CreateObject Failed

/equipment_InfoRequestForm_Verification.asp, line 176


Here is the code it is refering to:

sub sendEmail()      
      Set Mail=Server.Creat   eObject("Persits.MailSender")
      Mail.AddAddress ""
      Mail.AddBCC ""
      Mail.Subject="WEB REQUEST: Information on " & ProdTitle
      Mail.Body="NOTE:  This is an auto-generated email by Billco Website"
      On Error Resume Next
      if Err<>0 then
      end if      
end sub
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I'm sure this isn't a huge breakthrough, but is the Persits.MailSender component installed on your web server?
Sounds like the most likely contender to me, Agent Smith! :)
axnst2Author Commented:
I'm sorry I really am an ASP idiot.  I usually program in C++.  Our old web server burned in a fire and I am just trying to get the old website on the new server running.  The guy who originally wrote the code is no longer around.  So here is my idiot question;  Is Persists.MailSender something that's supposed to come with windows or is it a part of some other software package?

Thanks a lot guys
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It's an external component that can be purchased/downloaded @ Just install that on your web server & ur code should be good to go.

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Go here for downloading/installing instructions:
You may consider changing the code to CDO since it comes along with your IIS

Below will tell you how to send email using coding.
Please note that normal HTML will not be able to achieve sending an email with attachments. In HTML we use mailto and that only restricts us in the To, Cc, Bcc, Subject and Body field. To send an email with attachments, you need to use a server-side scripting language. I will show you how to do that in Active Server Pages (ASP). That means you will need a web server.

If you are using Win NT or Win 2000 and have CDONTS.dll installed, then you can do the following using Internt Information Server (IIS) as your web server.
Dim objMailer
Dim strBody

' You can have HTML tags here
' You can therefore customize the format you want to send
strBody = "<TABLE BORDER='0'><TR><TD>Hello</TD><TD>World</TD></TR></TABLE>"

Set objMailer = CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")
objMailer.From = ""
objMailer.To = ""
objMailer.Subject = "Your subject here"
objMailer.BodyFormat = 0
objMailer.Mailformat = 0
objMailer.Body = strBody
Set objMailer = Nothing

If you wish to include an attachment, below is the syntax
objNewMail.AttachFile(Source [, FileName] [, EncodingMethod] )

See this for more information on CDONTS.

If you do not have IIS because you are not running ntfs partition, then you will need to download a web server and I recommend you using Personal Web Server (PWS). Download it at Note that PWS will not be able to support CDONTS.

If you are using other versions of Windows, then you got to install a server component. I recommend using AspEmail. It can be downloaded from
To learn how to code using the AspEmail component, you can download its user manual from the site itself. It is very comprehensive and complete. There's even an asp example page showing that.

Other available components
   Genusa's AspMail


   Dundas Mailer



   w3 Jmail

   HTMLMailer / HTMLMailerPlus



   Mabry Mail



   AB Active X Mailer




Good Luck
You could go through your entire site & restructure it to work with a different mail component, however assuming you were using persits before, it's very possible that you already own a license to it.
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