SCSI RAID 0 , 3 disk , Raid Doesnt find one member

I have a three disk SCSI RAID 0 configuration.
Just out of the blue when rebooting the array doesnt find one member and doesnt boot.
If i run the adaptec disk utilities and scan the scsi bus i can see all three disks

Any ideas? Is one disk dead? If so, any way i can retrieve my data?

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well, generally when a disk goes offline in a raid 0 your data is considered lost...that's the danger of raid 0....adaptec controllers will generally give you the option to run a "verify" or "media verify" or "verify disk media" in the "disk utilities" section, run the verify on the disk that is being reported as offline, this will tell you if the disk is dead....what adaptec controller do you have?  What type of server do you have?  Hopefully you had a backup because the adaptec controllers I've worked with weren't too friendly in situations like this.
good luck,
Duncan MeyersCommented:
As tfjeff says: if you have a drive failure in a RAID 0 array, kiss your data goodbye.

You *may* (again, as tfjeff says) be able to recover data. Try CTRL-R when you are in the BIOS RAID configuration utility. But, sorry to say, I'd suggest you find your backups and prepare for a rebuild. Best to use RAID 5 in future so that your data is protected by RAID 5's parity schema.

cparthAuthor Commented:
The weird thing is ..i can verify all three disks without problems.
And it does not tell me what disk is missing.

I have an adaptec 2120s

if i try to recreate the array it says : no space, delete array first

could it be the controller? If so can i install a new one without losing my data?
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if you go into "manage containers" one of the disks should be greyed out or missing, this should let you know which one it is, as meyersd says control+r is about your only hope, but since you have raid 0 and a control+R will force all the drives online into a raid 5 it probably won't work.
Just in-case you may need it;

Here is a RAID 0 reconstructor software might be helpful...

Good luck



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Usually RAID 0 problems are painful, you may try the following:
1- get the latest update for the firmware from ADAPTEC.COM you should update  2120s to the latest firmware level. [boot with the update generated floppy if possible]
2- try to unplug your HDD then replug it [or disconnect data/power cables then reconnect if this works it means you had a bad contact, try to replace the data cables if need be.
3- press CTRL_R or CTRL_M try to verify the RAID volumes you may need to rebuild but don't do it at this stage.
4-If everything fails, check, ...
5- if you have a backup rebuild the system but you have to get a 4 HDD so you may form a RAID 10 which has faster writes and better recovery.

Good Luck,
cparthAuthor Commented:
if i do CTRL M  i get no array present
if i do CTRL R  he updates drive info and finds all three
if i verify them they all check out
if i do create array i get: there is no free space, delete array

what if i do initialize? i lose all data?

any ideas..i'm desperate..
cparthAuthor Commented:
GUY'S I solved it..
i used another ata disk , setting up xp , then booting from there.

i recreated the raid 0 array initializing the disks, but let them alone.

Then i used getdataback for recover the data..

i got everything back i needed!!

yippiee yee yeee..going raid 5 now..

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