I need a sample or template of an IT policy I can use to create an IT policy or acceptable use policy

I don't see a good forum in which to ask this question. So I'm trying it here. Please let me know if there is another forum I should be in for this question. Thanks.
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Here is our policy site for the University I work for.


If you do a google search on acceptable use policy then you'll find lots of examples and then just pick and choose what will best fit your needs.
I've been responsible for writing lots of policies lately for our internal department. We use this format:

I.      POLICY

I.  Policy

It is the policy of the department to....

II. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set the standards, policies and procedures for the use, security, and maintenance of the Departmental Computer Network.

III. Definitions

A. Word- Defintion
B. Word- Definition

IV. Procedures




And so on just to give you an example of the formatting part that I use.

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WineGeekAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I've been all over Google looking at examples, but the require too much editing to work for me. I'm specifically looking for an actual, existing IT policy that I can download and be requred to make only small edits to turn it into my own IT policy. I'm not looking for a guideline or theories about how policies should be structured, although I like and agee with your structure luv2smile. Thanks for the input.

By the way - Are you related to "Smiles a lot" from Dances With Wolves? :)
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WinGeek,,,, you really should check with your local laws on this issue,,,, as anything you see here will probably not be from your state.  State law has ALOT to do with IT policies and the wording of them. So anything you copy here probably will NOT benifit your organization very much as it will not have the proper wording to even be effective should legal action need to take place (as in an employee being fired and suing you,,, or your administration reading an existing employee's email to see if they are doing anything they shouldn't be doing at work)
WineGeekAuthor Commented:
Good advice Mike. However, I'm hoping to find something generic enough to use for now. This client currently has no policy in place and they're not going to want to have to wait for me to research local laws. I just need something basic to get started with. As we go throgh this process, I'm sure the decision makers at this client will see the need to check with local laws to complete their policy. But just some simple "emplyees may not do this or that" will do for now. Thanks.
WineGeekAuthor Commented:
Luvsmile - your IT policy is good but not in the format I'm looking for, therefore it will be too much work to edit it to fit my needs. But thanks for showing me. :)
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