Suspend/Disable Lotus Notes users

I have several users leavin for some time.  How can I suspend or disable these accounts without deleting them.
Hopefully the solution will remove them from the active address book as well.
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Create a group called DenyAccess.. Deny List Only type and enter the names of the persons in this group.

Enter this group in the Not Access server entry in the security section of the server document

Hemantha's solution will prevent the users from accessing your system by Notes client.

if you wish to also disable browser-based access, and not have their names show up as addressable, do the following:

Create a new database on your server called Termination Directory. Base it on the Domno Directory template, and set access so only administrators can get in.

Locate each user you wish to suspend in your standard directory. Curt and paste the entore document into the terminations directory (i.e., in the People view, highlight a person, choose cut; go to the people view of the Terminations Directory, and paste).

Now, internet passwords are also disabled, and teh user does not show up in the address dialog, because both are based on the presence of teh Person doc in your regular directory.


Upon return, cut the person doc out of the Terminations Directory and paste it into the regular directory, then remove the person's name from the terminations list.


"Web browser" access refers to accessing mail or other databases via a web browser, a function which you probably support, and that some users may use.  It includes iNotes access (or Domino Web Access).  It also cinludes access via a POP3 or IMAP client.

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SolarPrecisionAuthor Commented:
Will mail still be accepted or held for these people.  I want it to function that they are no longer in the mail system(hidden)without deleting,  and mail  addressed to these individuals will  not be accepted by the domino server , until I re-activate them.  Will the Deny list also take them out of the address book?
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Deny list will not take them out of the address book it will prevent them from accessing any of the server dbs. But however Domino will continue to receive mails for those users...Unless you physically remove the person record.
qwaletee's solution will indeed ensure that the users recieve no mail while they are suspended. The Deny list will only prevent them accessing the system using a notes client to prevent them accessing via POP3 or HTTP and ensure they do not apear in the address book archive the documents to the additional database as qwaletee suggested

I would have suggested the same but he posted first
> Will mail still be accepted or held for these people.
Why do you want to do that.. what if there were important mails that users would expect after they return ? And explain what these users and why you want to temporarily block them.. then I can say if it is worh taking so much of pain in doing this.. rather than simply delete them and recreate when they come back !
Hemantha, there are legal ramifications to any implication that a suspended employee is still at the company.
To delete a user, I would suggest using Domino Admin Client and all the new feature of Domino 6 for user management. It gives you various options to select dealing with a particular user account. For more details you can lookup Managing Users under Domino Admin Help File. (Online Help URL :-

For a short quick glance at some of the options provided by deleting user withing a Domino Admin Client , I will paste here :-

To delete a user

1. To delete a user, you must have:

Author with delete documents access and the UserModifier role, or Editor access to the Domino Directory
Author with Create documents access to the Certification Log
2. From the Domino Administrator, click the People & Groups tab.
3. Click People and select the user names you are deleting.

4. From the tools pane, click People - Delete.

5. Complete these fields: Field Enter
What should happen with the user's mail database(s)? Choose the appropriate option(s)
Do not delete the mail database - to delete the Person document but leave the user's mail files intact
Delete the mail database on the user's home server - to delete mail files on the user's home server only
Delete mail replicas on all other servers - this option is active only if Delete the mail database on the users home server was chosen. This option deletes all mail database replicas on other servers.
Add deleted user to Deny Access Group (This option is active only if one or more groups of type Deny Access exists.) To deny a user access to servers immediately:
Click Groups.
Select a Deny Access Group from the list.
Click OK.
Delete user's Windows NT/2000 account, if existing Select this option to delete the corresponding user account in Windows NT or Windows 2000 Active Directory account.
Delete user from this Domino Directory immediately Select this option to remove the account from the Domino Directory immediately, while initiating Administration Process requests to remove the user's name from ACLs, Names fields, etc.

Note If you choose to delete a user's mail file, you must have at least Editor with delete documents access to the Administration Requests database and delete documents access to the Domino Directory.

6. Click OK.
To approve the mail file deletion

If you chose to delete any mail databases, including replicas, you must approve the requests in the Administration Requests (ADMIN4.NSF) database.

1. From the Domino Administrator, choose Server - Analysis - Administration Requests (R6).

2. Select the Pending Administrator Approval view.

3. Depending on your choices when you deleted the user name, do one of the following:

If you are certain that you want to approve one or more requests without looking at detail information for those requests, select the request, and click Approve Selected Requests and then click OK.
If you would like to see detail on one or more requests before approving the deletion, select and open the request, click Edit Request, review the detail information, then choose Approve Replica Deletion, or choose Reject Replica Deletion.
4. Click Save and Close.

The "unique" thing about this question is that the users are being "suspended," so the intention is to be able to bring them back.  Standard Domino deletes don't really leave that option.  Sure, you can leave the mail FILE in play, but there's no simple way to leave the person doc ready for reinstatement.

One note: If they will be gone a long time, the IDs might expire in the interim.  If you know someone will be suspended, renew them nefore they are gone, and make sure you have a backup copy of that renewed ID, and make sure the ID has password recovery enabled.  OK, so that;s really, like, four notes!

- qwaletee
SolarPrecisionAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay, other projects have been underway, I will be trying qwalatee's suggestion this weekend.  I will start off with qwalatee's first post since this is mainly what I would like to do and not delete the users.  Thanks everyone for your help, I'll keep ya posted.

qwalatee's suggestions works fine for me.
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