Editing entries of a DNS server


I need to create an app running on a machine where a DNS server is running.  I want to be able to edit DNS entries in the server using my app.

Where should I start ?

Thanks :)
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for Win2k/XP, it can be found from the registry (space delimited):


So, you may edit it using your software.
qasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response but I dont think this is what I need.  I really don't know how this actually works though (I'm more of a programmer than a network guy :) so maybe you are right but let me try to be clearer.

The application I want to build will be running on a machine which actual runs  the DNS Server.  This Server should normally map IP adresses with Domain Names so I want to be able to edit those mapping by code.

Where should I look first ?
Ah. The registry settings above only changes the DNS server for lookup. Not what you need, obviously.

What DNS Server software are you using? Perhaps the documentation of the software will tell you more about it?
Assuming you are speaking of windows 2000 or 2003 server DNS you can modify it with a tool available in the resource kit.

http://www.petri.co.il/download_free_reskit_tools.htm - Get DNSCMD

You may need the 2003 server resource kit if you are running it, this one is for 2000 server.
You can do these types of functions (& many more I guessed these functions are what you are shooting for). You can create the cmd line dynamically and shell the CMD. That is how I used it.
        /EnumZones            -- Enumerate zones
        /ZoneAdd              -- Create a new zone on the DNS server
        /ZoneDelete           -- Delete a zone from DNS server or DS
        /ZonePause            -- Pause a zone
        /ZoneResume           -- Resume a zone
        /ZoneReload           -- Reload zone from its database (file or DS)

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qasAuthor Commented:
Thanks :)
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