LIBEXPAT.DLL not found error

I have a windows 98 stand-a lone that is getting a LIBEXPAT.DLL error at start up.  I have researched the problem and everything suggested to un-install the Ad-ware program which I have done but still getting the message.  I'm also getting a IE driver run time error 9 when I attempt to open the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel.  I click "ok" and the error goes away and load the screen.  Anyone got any ideas?
Thanks in advance!!!
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Try running a Registry Cleaner like RegSupreme:

Download fully functional trial version and run it.

Restore a past registry

Copy from windows\command scanreg.exe and paste it to a floppy
Take out the floppy
Reboot the PC
Rapidly click on button {F8} until the dos menue appears
change directory to a:\
type scanreg /resore
choose another registry
Reboot the machine
The LIBEXPAT.DLL is not part of ad aware, at least I do not see it in my folder.

Thus the note you are getting is coming from the registry. If you just uninstalled a program other than Norton with out going through the ADD/UNISTALL option, reinstall it and then uninstall it again.
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Libexpat.dll belongs to the Win32 distribution of the Expat XML Parser library, and is used by many software packages...some of which are NOT spyware...

What programs or processes are loading when you start your computer up?

Use the Start Menu as follows:

1. Start > Run > and type MSINFO32 > click "OK"
2. In the left pane, find "Software Environment"
3. For each of the following sections, click on it and then use the menu as follows:
          Edit > Select All > Edit Copy
4. Paste each into NotePad and save by the name of the section in MSINFO32
5. Copy and paste the details here if they are brief enough

Software Environment\
                                  Running Tasks
                                  Startup Programs
                                  System Hooks

I suggest disabling all but the essential startup items and then reintroducing them one at a time with a reboot in between, and thereby isolating the program/process that is causing the error message about the missing .dll file.

Start Menu > RUN > type MSCONFIG > click "OK"
Startup tab > uncheck all except ScanRegistry, SystemTray, and TaskMonitor for now
Click "Apply" and reboot as prompted.

A helpful page to assist you in identifying Startup items is:

If you have "Active Desktop" enabled, then try turning this off to see what happens with the Error 9.

Open Internet Options from Control Panel, go to the "Advanced" tab, and see which of these settings is enabled (ticked):

"Disable Script Debugging"  - advise you to tick this
"Display notification of every scrip error"  - advise you to UNtick this.

Click "Apply" after making any changes.

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Charles and Earl Randall have made separate suggestions on this forum page which might help you to resolve the problem:
Thank you, SCUD1
I notice the "B" Grade which tends to imply thatthe problem is not totally resolved, or that none opf the advice actually resolved it BUT that some advice steered you towards a partial resolution.

If any of this is the case, then the reason that none of us continued is that we were waiting for some feedback from you before making further suggestions if none of the suggestions so far worked.
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