Apply ACL permissions from text file.

I've seen some utilities that will dump a NTFS ACL permission list into some sort of flat file.  What I am looking for is a way to take a snapshot of the ACL permissions on a particular drive of all files and folders, and then some way to take that dump and reapply those permissions back to those same files.  I have yet to see anything that can accomplish this.  

You are welcome to use any methods or tools (free or otherwise) to accomplish this.  If any tools are used it would be preferable to keep the cost under $200 or so.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
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Security Explorer is an awesome product, but it's $419.  I'm looking for other options.

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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented: (requires perl to be installed, activestate has an easy perl install) but really only manages file attributes.
as cfairly's link suggests
xcalc's can be scripted to do what you wish. Cacls.exe can also do this.

c:\program files\resourse kit\xcalcs.exe < your-text-file.txt
your-text-file.txt would contain the commands you wish to feed into xcalcs.

joel2600Author Commented:
thanks for the help.  I actually used the original program suggested by cfairley as it was the easiest and most cost effective for me.  I thought I would give some points to rich as well because I believe using xcalcs and cacls would do what i need with a little bit of scripting, even thought i have no need to go down this road myself this time, someone else looking for this solution may wish to.  thanks!
Excellent!  Glad we could assist, Joel!

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