Ultra 1 and Ultra 2E - Viewing details??

I have just received an U1 and U2E complete with Solaris 9. I am going to connect it to my home network and use windows Hyperterminal to view and use the machines. Now I don't currently have any other cable to connect them less the network cable to my network.

My first problem is that I don't have other cables and in order to access them now I need their ip addresses. They are clean installs.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can access them?


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Connect a null modem cable to serial port A and configure hyperterminal for a direct connection at 9600baud, 8bit, NoParity, 1 stop. Power up the Sun and because it has no attached keyboard it will default to serial port A. You'll probably want to boot up into single user mode (interrupt the boot with a Break and do a 'boot -s' at the Prom prompt), execute /sbin/sys-unconfig, and set up networking when the box reboots.
KartibokAuthor Commented:
Sorry only cables I have at home at the moment are the network rj45's

For you to be able to access one of these boxes the following conditions would have to be met:

1) The box has to be configured with an IP as opposed to being left in an "unconfigured" state.
2) Some remote access method (telnet, rlogin, ssh) must be enabled on the system.
3) There must be a ordinary user account on the box that you know the username & password for.
4) You also have to know the root password.

If you believe that those conditions are satisfied you could attempt to discover the IP with any of the network discovery tools, like nmap. Without other knowledge, you'd probably want to start by searching the private networks,, & 192.168.0/16. To do that you'd configure your PC in one of those networks & search. Of course it is possible that the systems weren't configured for one of the private networks, in which case you'd need to search the entire IP address range.

The only other possible way to try to find the IP's would be to connect a PC and one of the Suns via crossover cable or a hub (not a switch) and run a sniffer on the PC when you boot the Sun. If the Sun has anything set up that will do network access you'd be able to see that traffic and thus the IP.

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You should really consider wiping the machines clean and installing Solaris 10.  LOTS of kewl stuff in Solaris 10.
KartibokAuthor Commented:
When I eventually got on, I also had to add the following files to my /etc folder

echo > defaultroute
echo > defaultrouter

and because my resolv.conf was empty I vi'ed the following

domain anything.com
search anything.com

So with a quick reboot, I was pinging the world and even had access to the internet.

Regards to all

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