Directory Service Recovery - password?

When I boot one of our servers I get an lsass error stating that Directory services can not initialize because the disk is full. It suggests I boot into Directory Serrvice recovery mode and there is one button (OK) that I can press to reboot the machine.

When I boot into Directory Services Recovery mode the machine asks for a password. This is the password that was entered when the machine was DCpromo'd up. Unfortuantely this machine was brought online without me and the original recovery password isn't avaialble. None of our typical admin passwords are working.

While the system is booted to this login screen I can access the disks using admin shares and I can see that there is space on all drives. I've cleaned up a few extra gigs on top of the space that was already available. This hasn't solved the problem.

The Machine in question is running Windows 2000 SP4.
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try getting hold of a winternals erd commanger disk and try uing that to reset the password,

or atleast booting to the erd commander disk and  deleting temp directories and clearing recycle bins and possibly log files to clear enough disk to allow you to log back in normally.

or try knoppix if you just wish to clean temp files etc.
sorry mised that you ahd already validated the free space on teh drive

I believe this will fix it though

Locate the drive containing the directory and log files, generally the NTDS folder of %SystemRoot%.

 Delete any old EDBxxxxx.log files.


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Basalt1977Author Commented:
I'll give it a try once I have a chance to reboot the server (in a few hours). Thanks for the suggestion.
Basalt1977Author Commented:
Deleting the log files seems to have done the job. Thanks katacombz.
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