Outlook.exe Process Continues Running

We have a user that is running Outlook 2003, Windows XP SP2.  All updates are installed.  For several months now (pre-SP2), when he closes Outlook, the outlook.exe process continues running.  He has to kill it and can then re-start.  He has several Archive folders (pst files).  One is corrupted each time when closing.  Any ideas?
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Did this behavior occur only after Sp2 update ?

Is Outlook 2003 fully updated ?

Try to temporarily turn off firewall and anti-virus and check if that would help ..

If you have any add-on installed in outlook ,remove it and check

If you have word 2003 as default email editor , disable it and check

I would also try the following one by one to see if that would help

a)Open outlook .Go to help menu and click "Detect and repair". Check if this would help.

b) Repair PST : http://www.slipstick.com/problems/scanpst.htm
go to start --> run --> C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033
in that open scanpst file
Once it is open , browse and give the location of the outlook.pst file

c)Check for spywares and virus

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Other culprits would be Fax software like WinFax which ties into Outlook, any sort of VM or telephony which could connect to it, and the Outlook automatic PST backup utility.

As outlook is probably the default mail program some other program might be keeping it open in the background to send email.

Do you also see processes with MAPI in the name running as well after you try to close Outlook?
tcloudAuthor Commented:
To answer Sunray first:
This behavior started prior to SP2 update.

Outlook 2003 is fully updated.

Firewall and AV have been turned off during testing.

I will test the add-ons, the Word as default editor, and the repair PST.  

Spyware and viruses have been removed already.

To answer Traval:
We do have a corporate fax and telephony system that attach to it, but these have been in place for several years and the problem has just started.

I'll need to check for MAPI processes.

Thanks for everyone's help.
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Try to see if some add in is hanging outlook by these steps

1.  start > run outlook /safe
2.  tools > other tab > advanced options
3.  click on add-in manager
4.  uncheck all boxes > ok > ok > ok

close and restart outlook normally and see if the problem continues
tcloudAuthor Commented:
Unchecked and removed all Add-ins, same thing.

Repaired, same thing.

Re-installed, same thing.

Repaired all PST files, same thing.

Took off Word as editor, same thing.

Deleted profile, same thing.  Actually, crashed system and then I uninstalled and re-installed.

There are no MAPI processes running when outlook.exe is running after closing.

Any other ideas?
Have you tried a new profile with a new, empty pst file?  Or did the new profile point to the old PST files?  If you haven't tried it with a new profile, new PST file, and no email accounts of any type, do that and see if it still hangs.

You mentioned that "Spyware and viruses have been removed already".  If there was a virus on the computer it's possible it's damaged or replaced mapi files, which might not be corrected by a detect and repair.  Try this:

If that doesn't work, and since we aren't getting much in the way of a clue about why it's hanging, I'm thinking uninstall office, delete all reg keys for it, then reinstall.
The PST in your OL 2003 , was it created in Outlook 2003 or using a different version of Outlook ?

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