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Cannot locate Web Navigator Template message when trying to open web link in Notes 6.0

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Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I have a user who has received an email with Internet web links in it and when he clicks on the link, it should open the internet in his Notes, but it doesn't.  He gets the message 'could not find any web navigator templates'.  I have searched help and online for this error and have not found anyone else with the same error message.  I have made sure the proxy address was in his browser options.  His options match mine and I don't have any problem opening the links.  What am I missing?
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There shoudl eb a file named perweb50.ntf or perweb60.ntf on the client workstation.
Looks like your perwebxx.ntf is corrupted. Delete the one in data directory and copy it from other client's working copy. (Make sure this db is not encrypted by the user id)

Try this steps :-

1) Close all instance of your Notes Client , i.e. Client , Designer or Admin , etc.
2) Goto Notes Data Directory , i.e. check where is your Notes Client Icon pointing to, under that goto Data folder....
3) Sort the files by name , to see any thing that says perweb.nsf or perweb*.nsf (* is used as wildcard here)
4) Move this files into some C:\Temp folder
5) Now see if you have perweb50.ntf or perweb60.ntf under the same data folder ( you dont have to do anything to this file except just confirm you have it)
6) Now open your Notes Client and try to click/reach the Web URL Link the user was trying to goto...
By this time Notes Client would have created a nice clean copy of perweb.nsf from the underlying template perweb50.ntf or perweb60.ntf.
7) If it still does not work , your NTF file that is template file is corrupt. In that case you can copy this file from any machine or client installing of same version where its working. Or you can also ask your Domino Admin person to mail you that NTF file, which you need to put it under your data folder and repeat the above steps.


I appreciate all your responses.  Copying the file from another user  and inserting it in the problem system was what worked..  The first response was correct, but he didn't give me any idea of where to find the file if it wasn't on the system.  The 3rd response had more detail of things to check/do, but  actually, Kumar's response was all I needed to do.
Thank you all for your help.