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new DVD-ROM drive seems fine but no audio during DVD movie playback

I recently installed a Sony DVD-ROM in my girlfriend's computer... XP recognized the hardware and since Windows Media plays DVDs now, I didn't bother installing any of the software that came with the drive.

The drive has worked just fine for data for a month or so now, (she uses it to play Sims 2 on DVD) and it appears to have no problems but when I went to play a DVD on it, I got no audio at all.  I tried a couple of different DVDs to no avail.

It may be worth mentioning that the system has a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 sound system, and I did not connect any audio cables to the drive...

It may also be worth mentioning that I rip trailers off of DVDs to post on my client's website to promote his latest films, and the DVD-ripping software doesn't see the audio tracks either...

So, I'm inclined to believe I'm either looking at a software deficiency or a hardware issue.. I'm just not sure where to start.  Of course my girlfriend doesn't know where the manual or discs went off to...
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I would say a good start would be plugging in the audio cable from the CD to sound card....this should work...or at least rule it out as a possible issue.

Download the latest version of Windows media play then right click somwhere on the top bar and go to TOOLS then OPTIONS Then click the DEVICES tab.  Then select the DVD drive and click PROPERTIES.  Both the PLAYBACK  and RIP sections should be set to DIGITAL.  Then click OK and OK again.    This should alow you to hear the audio now too.  

Windows media play 10 download: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/mp10/default.aspx
herurahaAuthor Commented:
dis1931 -  Opening the case is a last resort just because it's a pain in the butt, and the fact that ripping software isn't recognizing the audio would probably rule that out anyways, wouldn't it?  As I understand it, the ripping software is working with the data on the disc, not the playback stream.

icemanwol - Thanks for the tip, but I already tried updating to WinMedia 10 to no avail, and I checked my playback and rip settings.  Both are already digital.

I'm increasing the point value on this to 100 since it's obviously a little more involved than I thought it would be.
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Instal winDVD or PowerDVD (or whatever player came with the drive, its usually one of those two).  You dont have to use it, but its an easy way of finding out if its a simple codec issue.  Once all relevant codecs are loaded they are (usually) available to all programs that need it, so if after installing PDVD it plays sound, then wmp should too.

Report back if your DVD player does play sound and wmp still does not.
firstly, try to put an audio disk / or n e disk which u r sure tht can came out with audio.
if it comes out audio, then it's prob of the ripped movies.

else, try to goto Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices
check the settings. check whether the device is mute or vice versa.

else, check the back connector / etc.. when u play DVD movies, u can select the mode / type of audio languages. normally if u select channel 5.1 , it dosn't came out with audio. try other audio output / eg : dobly /etc.. or u can try to use another DVD to play and try.

most probably, is, maybe when u ripped u have turn off the audio input. then u toast your work to the DVD. while playing the DVD, it results : no audio.

just have a try.
you may want to check your audio properties. You didnt mention what video card you are using, but if it is an ATI Allinwonder or a differnt VIVO type card, you may find that the channel that the audio plays out of is muted or turned down. I have an allinwonder vid card, and I have to assign the channel that I wish the audio to playback on. This DOES require the audio cable to the sound card too. Because yours is an "odd" case, I would suggest that you do attach the audio cable (just to make sure, if you actually have one), and you check the different audio channels on your sound card settings (should have an icon for that right beside the clock on the start bar(task bar...whatever you want to call it).

I doubt it is software related, because I have never had a consistant problem with video that wasnt related to hardware settings on a base setup.

Those are my thoughts.
1) If the sound cable is not connected between your soundcard and DVD-ROM you will not get and CDA sound.

2) Check the Audio properties and ensure that you haven't got the CDA sound set to mute, or no volume.

3) Check and see if you can play any other type of music, i.e wma files or .mp3 files.

4) Make sure your Soundcard is "Enabled" in the device manager,
Check if the DirectX software is enabled. Start-Run-Dxdiag, if there is no directx installed, download that from the microsoft download site
have you installed the latest drivers for your sound card ( www.creative.com ) and also checked to make sure you have an audio cable connected between the dvd drive and the sound card. Also the suggestions above are good ones.
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