How to make a montage/collage with trasnparent left side?

Hi there,

I am looking for some help on how to make a montage in photoshop i.e. many pictures all placed to together and they gradually run into each other.

Actually I have 2 pictures, 1 pic I want no transparency and other pic I want about 30% coming from the left hand side to go from 100% transparency to 0%

Then obviously place them together...

Can anybody explain how to do this or advise on a tutorial

Possible 2 tutorials .. 1 for the montage and 1 to create transparency left edge or mask??

Any help would be really appreciated

Thanks in advance

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you'll want to use layer masks.

here is a decent tutorial.

read below, thoroughly, this works and it's simple.

basically in your image layer, click the layer mask button in the layers palette.
your layer will show a second little square next to the layer icon.  
click and highlight that square.
you can click between the layer icon and the mask icon.

then, draw using the brush, with black ink,  onto the layer mask
you will be making out part of the image as you draw.
If you draw with gray ink, you'll get partial opacity.
If you draw with white ink, you won't see a change.  

Also, you can try a gradient on the layer mask,  
make sure you gradient has black  in it.  and see what happens when you draw a gradient with black onto the layer mask.

hope this helps!!!

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by the way, if you draw with 30 percent gray on the mask, you will get those percentages of transparency you are looking for.

one great thing about masks is you dont' destruct your original image.  if you make a mistake, later even after closing the psd file, just delete the MASK only. and start over.  your image is intact.

that's the huge advantage.
ianinspainAuthor Commented:
cool! thanks.. going to take a look.

1 question... some of the images i am going to use for the montage I need only a selection of the image so i use the PEN tool to trace round the part of the image i want and then I do CONVERT TO SELECTION

When i am converting to a selection and take it into my new montage.. you can sort of see the edges as if it has been cut out..

I believe feather or anti-alias as something to do with this.

Anti alias just fades a few pixels at the edge but that doesn't seem to help, so should feather it too or take anti-alias off and feather it about 5 pixels or something

Thanks once again for your help

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ianinspainAuthor Commented:
or would it be possible to do like a soft edge or something?? is this possibe in photoshop
ianinspainAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help on this

I am montaging pretty good now :-)
When you paint on the mask, paint with a soft edge brush - there are plenty of them in the brushes palette..  Then you'll get those soft edges you are looking for.  There's no need to make selections really because you're painting out (masking out) parts of the photo you don't need.  But you could make selections and delete portions if you want.  

thanks for the points!

one last bit of advice. After you finish your collage, close it out, then go back to it about 1 or 3 days later.  You'll see where you could improve it if you get it out of your head for a while.  know what I mean?

good luck!

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