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query for sum between dates from a date in past to current.

Trying to get count of all records per week from october to current.

this info will be used for a chart.

I have tried
SELECT     COUNT(*) AS weekcount
FROM         tbl1
WHERE     (DateEntered BETWEEN CONVERT(DATETIME, '2004-10-18 00:00:00', 102) AND CONVERT(DATETIME, '2004-10-22 00:00:00', 102))

but that does not give me the resultset that I am searching for.
I am trying to return values as
wk1 500
week2 700
and so on.
can anyone help figure this out.
1 Solution
add the GROUP BY Clause to your query.  e.g.


You might need to create a week column or view.
Or you can do it after the query. Cold Fusion has a Week function which returns the week number in the year.  You can sort the query in your cold fusion code.  I don't know which DBMS's have a week function if any, but in either case, we'd need to know which one your using in order to help you group by week :)
For example, if you're using MySQL, you could do:

Select Count(*) as weekcnt, week(DateEntered) as week1
from tbl1
GROUP BY week1

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if you use group by then do not forget to use having with it. Where clause willl not work with it.
something like
Select Count(*) as weekcnt, week(DateEntered) as week1
from tbl1
GROUP BY week1
Where your condition.
SELECT  COUNT(*) AS record_count, DATEPART(wk, DateEntered) AS week_number
FROM     tbl1
<!--- place correct condition here; I assume there are only this year records in the tbl1---->
WHERE   Month(DateEntered)>=10  
GROUP BY DATEPART(wk, DateEntered)
jriver12Author Commented:
Ok got the query that I need :
<cfquery name="graphData" datasource="dsn">

SELECT CONVERT(varchar(10),DateAdd(day,1-(DatePart(weekday,DateEntered))+6,DateEntered),101) AS weekEnding,
     COUNT(*) AS weeklyTotal
FROM attendee
WHERE DateEntered BETWEEN '10/18/2003' AND '11/30/2004'
GROUP BY CONVERT(varchar(10),DateAdd(day,1-(DatePart(weekday,DateEntered))+6,DateEntered),101)
ORDER BY CONVERT(varchar(10),DateAdd(day,1-(DatePart(weekday,DateEntered))+6,DateEntered),101)

code for results
<cfset lastWeeklyTotal=0>
<cfoutput query="graphData">
<cfset the_count = weeklytotal>
  <cfset percentageOfChange = lastWeeklyTotal / weeklyTotal>
  <cfset lastWeeklyTotal = weeklyTotal>
  #weekEnding# = #the_count# (#percentageOfChange#% of change)<br/>

here are the results

10/23/2004 = 1057 (0% of change)
10/30/2004 = 800 (1.32125% of change)
11/06/2004 = 588 (1.36054421769% of change)
11/13/2004 = 195 (3.01538461538% of change)
11/20/2004 = 699 (0.278969957082% of change)
11/27/2004 = 485 (1.4412371134% of change)
12/04/2004 = 133 (3.64661654135% of change)

Now I am trying to display these results in a line chart, but I cant get the syntax correct to show the multiple lines and colors.
can you show how.

I think your initial question was answered and you should award points.
If you have another question I think you should put it in a new post.

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