Replacement Hard Drive for Dell Dimension L600cx

I need to put a bigger hard drive in a Dell Dimension L600cx. It has an Intel Celeron and the Intel 810e chip set. My question is, will the the bios see more than 32 GB?
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
Doesn't really matter if it doesn't - you can just install Ontrack to do the translation for you. Details of the commercial version:

Alternatively use Seagate's DiscWizard ( if you have a Seagate drive which does the same thing. From memory, other manufacturers have a similar product. but you might want to check before buying a new disc.
JamesIEvansAuthor Commented:
I would rather not use something like Ontrack DiskManager or Seagate's DiscWizard. There will be two partitions, one for WinXP and one for WinME.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
They were shipped with up to 30GB HDDs - which is just a little short of answering the question. I have been through Dell's documnetation and I cannot find a maximum specified HDD size anywhere. Given that the systems were PIIIs and are relatively youthful, I suspect that they shouldn't hit the 32GB limit - but I can't absolutley confirm that.

As I said, the easiest workaround is to buy a drive that has the tarnslation software available, install the drive, if it works, say: "You beauty!", if it doesn't, install DiskManager or whatever variant. The say "You beauty!" Don't forget, though, that FAT32 has a 32GB limit...  
Duncan MeyersCommented:
And please excuse the carppy spelling... :-)
Duncan MeyersCommented:
This link says that the L1000R (and L667R) will support up to 137GB:

Up to you now - you can take a fairly safe bet that your PC will support the larger drives.

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