Resolving NetBIOS Names

On a private lan of about 50 clients, each client is able to be referenced by their computer names (I think NetBIOS name is more technically correct). So at the command prompt I can run "ping fileserver" and it resolves the name fileserver to an address.

1. What service on the network is responsible for this?

I think it has to do with WINS and NetBIOS but I'd like some clarification. The reason I am asking is because there is one client on the network that it *doesn't* work for. If you type "ping client", it responds "Pinging client.domain.local [] with 32 bytes of data:", then gives a series of timeouts (because nothing is at that ip). When I log onto that client's computer, the client has a completely different IP address. It's actually

2. What could cause this to happen and how do I "update" the information?

The domain is a SBS2000 domain with mixed 2k/xp clients.
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NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:

Check the forward lookup DNZ zone for domain.local on your domain controller.
There is a record for host "client.domain.local" with ip Delete this entry and reboot the client.
Instead of reboot you can type in dos prompt on the client machine ipconfig /registerdns.

The ip address for this client has been changed and the old stale record hasnot been removed.


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DVation191Author Commented:
Well you were right about the forward lookup zone...that client had the wrong ip in the zone. I deleted the entry

However after both rebooting the client and also running ipconfig /registerdns, the entry has not been rebuilt, nor can any reference be made to this client by name on the network at all.
DVation191Author Commented:
By the way, shouldn't all this happen automatically?
DVation191Author Commented:
scratch that. it worked. thanks.
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