proxy server is stopping vpn from connecting.

I am at a company that has proxy server that only allows connections to port 80. I am trying to connect to pptp vpn server at my house. Is there any software that i could use to connect though the proxy server.
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Depending on your computer at home, if XP, you can run Remote Desktop on port 80, or install VNC and run it over port 80
a lot of proxies (squid in my case) wont let stuff like that work because you can have it specifically look for http requests as opposed to just passing traffic.

if its a good enough admin/IT/IS dept, you may be outta luck.

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cnsspdAuthor Commented:
is there any program that will make all the data being transfered look like http traffic to the proxy.
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You can try J-Desktop from for 14 days to see if it meets your needs.  You need to have IE or Opera on your client and it's not really designed to be a full-time desktop management tool, but it doesn't require anything special on the client.

cnsspdAuthor Commented:
I am looking for somthing that will allow me to start a pptp vpn to my home computer. j-desktop will just allow me to connect like remote desktop.
Do you have XP on your home computer?
If yes, you can simply run Terminal services web client that is already there..
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