Exchange 2000 receives but doesn't deliver

Need fast help!  Late yesterday my Exchange 2000 server decided to quit working.  I re-booted, solved one of the problems, receiving messages.  However I still can't send messages.  I nslookup 'ed my domain and realized I had a problem.  I checked DNS and everything looked OK, but my MX record was gone.  So I created a new MX record and nslookup once again looks good.  Still can't deliver, messages in the queue connect to many different domains and they all say the same thing.  I saw on another post where someone recommend a Microsoft tool called SMTPDIAG.  It tells me the following:

Computer name is MIS-EXCHANGE.
VSI 1 has the following external DNS servers:,

Checking SOA for
Checking external DNS servers.
Checking internal DNS servers.
SOA serial number match: Passed.

Checking local domain records.
Checking MX records using TCP:
Checking MX records using UDP:
Both TCP and UDP queries succeeded. Local DNS test passed.

Checking remote domain records.
Checking MX records using TCP:
Checking MX records using UDP:
Both TCP and UDP queries succeeded. Remote DNS test passed.

Checking MX servers listed for
Connecting to [] on port 25.
Error: Expected "220". Server is not accepting connections.
Failed to submit mail to

I get the same failure regardless of domain.

Running MS-ISA in front of my domain, but don't seem to have any problems there.  Any help ... fast ... would be much appreciated

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sounds like an outbound connection problem....

do you have your mail go out throught your ISA?

is there a rule to let port 25 out through it?
If nothing has changed, Here are some general troubleshooting tips... however more information would help...  what error message in the application log?  what is the status of the problem queues?  what ndr messages are you getting?

1. Try a blank store? if this works it could be your temp tables. database issue... several ways to tackle this issue... restore would be quickest but not alway the best option...
2. Check for SMTP verbase problem;en-us;q290290
3. Increase logging on transport if you don't see any errors.
4. Telnet from your exchange server and send a test message to an external mail server.  does this work?

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dcrowe99Author Commented:
1. I have the standard version of Exchange so I can only have one store.  However, I did off-line defrag the priv.edb yesterday and everything seemed OK.  I am receiving email.
2.  Checked the SMTP verbase problem, per the link you provided.  All is good there.
3.  I have logging on the SMTP protocol set to MAXIMUM.  I checked the logs and don't see anything that stands out as a problem.
4.  I followed the steps in the article 153119 above.  I telnet'ed into my server and attempted to send mail to a domain we communicate with alot.  When I typed this:  RCPT TO: POSTMASTER@TRANSCORE.COM

I received this: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for POSTMASTER@DOMAIN.COM

Also, I checked my application event log and am receiving alot of the following errors.

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      POP3SVC
Event Category:      Authentication
Event ID:      1011
Date:            12/1/2004
Time:            7:42:56 AM
User:            N/A
Computer:      MIS-EXCHANGE
Authentication attempt from to XRX85198F has failed with error 0x52e.

For more information, click
0000: 49 02 4b 00               I.K.    

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