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I am having an issue with OS 9.2.2. Of the 3 people using Macs 2 of them are unable to print to the same printer at the same time. The were fine before we moved them onto a switch. The one only difference between the first two and the one that is unaffected is the version of open transport: 2.7.9 vs. 2.8.3.

When one Mac prints the other can't see that printer in the chooser window.

Any ideas appreciated, solutions awarded with points!
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A simple fix is to go to Control Panels>AppleTalk and disable AppleTalk/close/save, then re-enable AppleTalk/close save. If this doesn't work, zapping the PRAM probably will. Start up/Restart the Mac holding down CMD+Option+P+R and keep holding while the Mac chimes, pauses, chimes, pauses, then chimes again. Then let go. You may have to turn AppleTalk back on after this. (Use the Control Panel, NOT the Chooser)

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c30keithAuthor Commented:
You were right! That was a simple fix. All I did was make appletalk inactive then active. The points are yours, if you feel so inclined perhaps you could explain WHY this happened.

I've had this happen numerous times where I work, especially when changes are made to the network. Sometimes Macs don't notice the changes right away and because printers aren't where they were last time, the Mac doesn't see them. Turning AppleTalk off, then on again forces the Mac to gather and rebuild the network information.
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