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I had to rebiuld my computer.  It's a Dell Dimension 4600.

After it was rebiult, I had to re-install a few device drivers. Since I had no orignal disk, I managed to find most of what I need on the web.

Except for the creative labs audio card. It's got a wierd model number (SB02000) that is not available from the creative site.  I did manage to find a driver file from the dell site but upon installation, it backfires and says that the self extract file is part of a multi-disk software and it asks me to put in the last CD of the software. And I have nowhere else to turn.

This is effecting two drivers on my system.  The PCI Input device and the multemedia audio controller have two big yellow question marks in device manager.  I tried removing the sound card and the devices then re-installing it, but it just asks for a CD which I don't have.

I think on the back of the sound card is a port where a joystick can be plugged to.  and that port is the PCI input device for which I have no drivers.  

Thanks ahead to anyone who can direct me to a solution.


I tried
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Hello Jonathan,

I must confess I need a bit more information to assist you.  Find me the following:

Dell model information:  (should be on the front, that or the Service Tag which is like 6 characters)
Windows version:  XP, 2000, ME, 98, NT

Also, have you tried opening your system up to see if your sound card is a PCI or ISA device?  You could then remove it from the system and write down the model number of the card.  If its integrated we may have to explore other avenues.

Look forward to hearing from you,

All searches for that sb number come up blank, I cant seem to find it on the dell site either - its most odd that noones ever come up with this problem or even mentioned it by that number.

 i think youll need to give more information, are you sure thats the right number? spaces and all? what o/s? age of machine? link to the drivers you found?
why dont you download and install an inventory program, such as Everest or Belarc Advisor

they should tell you what the model of the card is and help to find the drivers,

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It's an OEM card and won't be listed on Creative web site.  Most SB cards have a CT model number printed on the card.  If you can provide the model number, may be able to help.

I have not seen a SB card with a model number anything like what tou provided?  Where did that model number come from?

The Sound Blaster Live 5.1 is model number SB0200. This driver should work:

If the self exteact doesn't work (it works for me) you can use winzip or winrar to open the archive and extract the .exe file.

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In case you are still unable to find the right model/number of ur sound card, try using a Diagnostic Utility like the one available from or download aida32 from which is probably the most comprehensive utility to diagnose ur devices...  Based on the model of ur sound card, the utility itself will provide u the link to the vendor and the site to get support from.

Once u get the mode number and make of ur sound card, u can search for the driver or try to download the driver.

At the bottom of the page, under drivers, select number 2:
Sound Blaster Live, Live Drv Uni-Pack (Eng) 23.32MB,
I use this driver for the card and get great performance.
JonathanPameolikAuthor Commented:
Wow, I did not expect this many responses. please give me the rest of the day to try some of your suggestions out.

My machine was bought brand new this summer, it's a Dell Dimension 4600 2.80 ghz P-4 with 1 Gb of RAM.  Windows XP SP-1
the Service tag is 8HQF541 (is it okay for me to show that here?).

The model number of the card is SB0200 (I added an extra zero there)

The PCI input device is the game controller port on the sound card.  How do I tell if it's a PCI or ISA?  I think it's a PCI cause that is what comes up in the device manager.

Thanks all again, and I'll try the suggestions in order.

If none of the above work you can try It has had some impossible to find drivers that no where else has had.
JonathanPameolikAuthor Commented:
Thanks to Yukele,

I did try downloading that file at first and it did not work (it must have been an incomplete download).  I downloaded it again and it did work.  I had to install the card first and let the device manager not know what it is with the big yellow question marks showing.  Then I installed the 69382 again.

Happy to help
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