Best way to make a mpeg file size smaller?

Hello everyone,

I was curious to find the best way to make/edit a mpeg movie clip into a smaller file.

Is there a freeware program you would suggest that will turn larger files into smaller files (even though they might not be as good of quality as the larger files)?

I need to be able to email some video clips, but the sizes are too big.

Thanks in advance...
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1) smaller in size
2) Edit it.
I use windows movie maker comes free with Windows. Click on accessories.
use dvd shrink
It depends on what format your mepg in encoded in, if you have the files in MPEG2 you could re-run the file through an encoder such as TMPG and lower the bitrate, however this will reduce the picture quality.
If the file is MPEG2 you could re-encode as an MPEG4 which could half the filesize.

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I use the Windows Media Encoder ( which has predefined profiles for different bitrates/quality/uses and the possibility to create your own profiles.

You end up with a .wmv, if that's ok for you...
Windows media encoder.  Be carefule of Divx or Xvid if you want your family and regular people to watch it.  Because it' doesn't play without specifically downloading the Divx codec.

check out  virtual dub.  it's a free mpeg editor / encoder.  fairly easy I think.

one way to get your mpeg files smaller that people forget is framerate.  people try to comprss the frame, but if you bring down the framerate, that can cut your video in half, and if you don't need full motion, it's great.  15 fps, is often great for talking head videos,  definitely software training videos.

if it's kids playing at the park, you might keep it near 30.

xvid and divx is great if you have tech people or college students who look at the vids, cause you can trust they'll make the effort to find the codec.

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i use adobe premiere pro and just work around in the settings before i export on what would i sacrifice for smaller disk space. i usually lessen the kbps.
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