What is a CPU diode temp

This is my current system temp
Motherboard ---- 40 "C (104 "F)
CPU -------------- 33 "C (90 "F)
CPU Diode ------- 48 "C (115 "F)

What is the CPU diode temp?

My system
- Athlon XP 2000+ overclocked to 2600+
- Asus A7N8X-X
- 256 PC 2700
- ATI 9800 pro

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Well a cpu diode is a tiny temperature sensitive resistor that on modern amd xps sits on the core, but not in a heat generating part. This is different from the socket temp (sometimes a little blue capped thermistor under the cpu) or the case temp.

Im also trying to work out why your cpu socket reading is so much lower than your motherboard temp.  Are you using asus probe for monitoring? Its got a bug where sometimes it swaps the readings around, see the asus support forum for fixes, I just dont use it. Use either your bios temp reading or try say, MBM5 instead.

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Link: some photos and information about AMD motherboard and cpu thermal diodes, in between a bunch of boffin type stuff with scary looking numbers and equations.

Comment: the answer is correct and noone else has answered it.  :)
diegomolineauxAuthor Commented:
My current CPU temp
Motherboard      40 °C  (104 °F)
CPU      46 °C  (115 °F)
CPU Diode      83 °C  (181 °F)
Maxtor 6Y120L0      47 °C  (117 °F)

Should I be worriend about the cpu diode
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