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Crystal doesnt show paramers in Subreport links: Data Types Mismatched

I am using Crystal Reports 9.0 and have created a report with a subreport.  The main report passes several paramaters to the sub-report and then runs a stored procedure.  I am passing the values via Subreport linking integrated in Crystal.

My problem is that when I try to link the main report fields with the Sub-Report parameters I cannot get the date/time parameters to show up.  This means that they are incompatible data/types.  My main report is talking to an Access XP database and the datatypes are listed at date/time in design view of Access and the stored procedure paramters are set to datetime.  Why would they not be compatible?  When I look at the table structure of the Access Database in Crystal it shows the datatype as Date and the SQL as DateTime.  

How do I go about fixing this situation....any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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1 Solution
You can convert the Date field to a DateTime in a formula, and use the formula to link the subreport parameters:


Then, right click the subreport > Change subreport links > pull your formula over to the 'Fields to link to' listbox, and then you should be able to get to your stored proc's DateTime parameters.

vmrfadminAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the suggestion.  The formula seems to work great.  I have both formulas created and tested them.  They now show the full DateTime information.  I have looked at both datasources thru the Crystal browse feature and they are now show the Date/Time.  
However, when I choose the change sub-report linking and select the formula, the parameter from the Stored Procedure still doesnt show.  

I am sure I am stating the parameter correctly in the stored procedure.  I have listed the sp below.

create Procedure sp_test
      @InputProjectNumber varchar (5),
      @Startdate datetime,
      @Enddate datetime
SELECT A_GLA, A_Sub_GLA, A_Detail, [A_Account Description], A_Project, Sum([Actual Post Amount_GLTran]) AS [SumOfActual Post Amount]
FROM dbo.vwGLTransaction
WHERE ((([Post Date]) Between @Startdate And @Enddate))
and [Actual Post Amount_GLTran]>'00' and [A_Project]= @InputProjectNumber
GROUP BY A_GLA, A_Sub_GLA, A_Detail, [A_Account Description], A_Project
HAVING (((A_GLA)> '4') AND ((A_Sub_GLA) >= '0') AND ((A_Detail) >= '00'))
ORDER BY A_GLA, A_Sub_GLA, A_Detail, [A_Account Description], [SumOfActual Post Amount];

The formulas I created are listed below.



Not sure what else to do.....................

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.....

Thanks Thanks Thanks,
vmrfadminAuthor Commented:
I think I have solved this problem.  I am not sure why, but when I create a stored procedure with a few parameters ...such as

@param1 varchar (5)
@param2 datetime

These both show up in the parameter list automatically within Crystal, however the @param2 with a datetime datatype in the sp shows as a string in Crystal.  I couldnt understand why it doesn this.  I played around a little and created the parameter within Crystal as Datetime with a completely different name....@paramtest with a date/time.  Then when I added the stored procedure via add database, magically the @param2 then showed up as a datetime datatype.  Seems like a bug or something.  I cant figure out why crystal doesnt bring the parameter in as a date/time datatype.  Maybe its a some kind of setting or requirement that you specifiy a date/time datatype first in the stored procedure.  

I will probably never know because you cant get a real answer from Business Objects.

Thanks again Dave...your help is much appreciated!!!!!

Just ran a test using Access 2000/CR 9/ subreport w/ SQL Server stored proc.

I had no problems linking the DateTime field from my Access db to the stored proc parameter, or if I defined a parameter as DateTime and used it for the main report and the 'link' for the subreport.

However, if I converted a Date to DateTime in a formula, it didn't see the stored proc parameters when trying to link it to the subreport.

The workaround I found, was to alter the proc parameters from DATETIME to SMALLDATETIME.


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