Slow file transfer Server 2003 to/from SBS 2000 & XP

I'm tired of slow transfers - running at 1 or 2 meg a minute on a 100meg switch.

I have done the usual stuff, and disabled SMB signing, set the TCPACK to 1 and generally farted around, but I'm not sure what else to do. I have the hotfix that fixes TCPACK settings being ignored, but how do I tell that this is what the issue is? I don't want to install a hotfix I don't need.

This happens on pretty much all network access to the 2003 server, be it file copy, file access/open directory listing... I'm pretty sure it was happening when copying some files from a 'nix server to the 2003 box, but we only did that once.  

I've googled this to death, and still can't get anywhere.

RSOP clearly shows the SMB signing as off.
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Hello harleyjd,

You may have done this already, but have you ran diagnostics on your NIC.  The manufacturer should have the install.
Also, I would run a network speed test from both servers to see if it's just communication within your network.
harleyjdAuthor Commented:
Nah, it's not the network or the hardware. The server was running SBS2000 in parallel with the current SBS server, and all transfers were great - getting up to 75mb/sec. Since then we moved everything off, reloaded the server with Windows Server 2003, and now it's crapola.

One thing - after I chenged the TCPACK setting and restarted, things were great for an hour or two. After that, it went on the go-slow again.
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Check this PAQ out, I've seen it with every new 2003 environment so far!!

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harleyjdAuthor Commented:
Damn but I am going to kick myself if it's just the Link speed.

I'll let you know in a day or 2, youre1m
harleyjdAuthor Commented:
today is the day.

Things were 100% good on Thurday and Friday, if they are still good today then I am happy... :)

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