Querying Active Directory with Outlook without exchange

I used the microsoft tech article http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=238007#kb2 to create an address book in outlook by querying active directory. Works like a CHARM!!

My issue is how can I do it without having to get the user to input their username and password when they setup the address book?

I mean with the above method, if the users password changes, then they need to update the details in outlook.

Please help! Big points for the person who solves it.
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If I understand this correctly:

1.  You have configured LDAP directory that Outlook users can access
2.  An users domain password changes
3.  You want Outlook to recognize that the domain name was changed and to automatically grab the password, and use it to set the password field for the LDAP directory account, s that it is the new domain password.

Is that correct?

If so, I'm not aware of any way that Outlook would be able to recognize that the domain password changed.  It simply is authenticated to the Exchange Server or it is not.  It is not part of the authenication process itself.  

Also, if a program like Outlook could grab your domain password and do things with it (such as populate it into fields), then that would seem to me to be a glaring security vulnerabillity, as it could conceivably email that password to someone who could use it unscrupulously.

If I misunderstood your issue can you provide a few more details to clarify it?

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Here is a suggestion that might help with your password concern. Create a username and password that only you know. Use that username and password for each address book. Set it once and then never change the password. If the user changes their password, it will not effect the address book logon.
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