ping one address, comes back with different host name

I decided to ping one of the sites I visit a lot.

Heres what I did (real IPs and names removed)  



64 bytes from (  icmp_seq=0  ttl116  time= 47.733ms

c:> ping  (

-When I pinged, it replied with "64 kbytes from" (

When I pinged, it returned with the same IP =

-This is the same server hosting 2 websites correct? is a CNAME for (this is the part i'm confused on)

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most likely it is a vitrual host same ip but diffrent names.

many names can be pointed to the same ip address .

most web server take in the name in that you route to it by the name is used to send it to the virtual server.

If you browse buy the ip address it won't work .

I aggre with that. What you can do to in order to search a little bit more is to go to and do

a) DNS lookup for the domain for A records and CNAME records (this will explain exacly what happens)

b) a reverse lookup on the IP Address that replies to this (more interesting) .. !!

Usually some companies chooses to have forwarded IP addresses and reverse DYNS to avoid hacking attempts and other DoS attacks.
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Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
There are many ways that you can link 2 or more websites to the same IP address. CNAME's are one way, on your Internet server you would then specify the host header name for the different sites. I've currently got that running on an IIS server. The server looks at the URL request and the routes the request according to the host header name. Host header name is just basically the name of the site eg. On an IIS server, the IP address is merely the route to the server, the URL including the host header information is what allows the server to decide which site to send the request to. A simple explanation is to consider compare this to where you stay. If I send you a letter, it goes to 5 Your Street, Your Suburb, Your City, Your ZIP code. Same as your IP Address, but what stops your mom/dad/wife from opening your letter? It's your name on the letter, that is essentially how the server interprets the incoming requests where more than 1 site is located on the same IP address.

Yes its the CNAME of the same IP. Companies put multiple names refering to same site. But when u ping the reply will come from the primary Name.

u can findout details IP to Name  or Name to IP in

dissolvedAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone. so in this case:

-  the admin bought two domain names. and
-  He is hosting both of these websites on the same box via virtual hosting

How would his CNAME record look? I'm having no luck doing a WHOIS.
Again, this is what happened (so you guys dont have to scroll all the way up to top of post)

64 bytes from (  icmp_seq=0  ttl116  time= 47.733ms

c:> ping  ("
Thanks again
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Check this out guys:

  ping  and ping
pinging responds with's IP

I did some digging on them and they use different name servers. uses

-whereas uses

Is this normal?
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Then he probably has both sites registered as A records instead of a CNAME. visit and enter the domain names. Check the last entry on the page. WWW record is what you're looking for. Should look something like   A [TTL=#####] [country code]

with pretty much the same for Check further down that report and it will tell you if any CNAME's are registered. If they are both configured with the same IP's and are both records then it is only on his Internet Server that he is specifying the different host headers for the sites. I've setup similar sites on IIS 4.0 to IIS 6.0. I personally don't think that he is using CNAME's but check the report on If both are like the record above, then he ain't using CNAME's, so don't worry about them.
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
I've checked them both on and the information is identical. 2 different name servers, could just be because they've added the first primary record to server1 and other server record to server2. No offence to anybody, but doesn't give as much technical information as, which also points out weakness in your site DNS configuration.

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dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Does that answer your question?
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone.
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