Want all misconfigurations..


 I am a network administrator.  I would like to write some administrator script which connects to each switch/router in my network and finds mis-configurations from them. I am using HPProCurve Switches in my network.

 So, I would like to know all possible mis-configurations in the switches those normally happens to the administrtors. Please let me know if you any good documents about switch mis-configurations list or possible mis-configurations you found.

 Thanks in advance. Once I finish my scripting I would like to provide it for free to network administrators community.

 Thanks a lot..

with Regards,
Kevin Mobe.
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Hi developer007,
The most common are things like speed/duplex mismatches. It is not something you can just search for as it depends how the equipment the other end of the cable is configured.
developer007Author Commented:
Hi all,

 Please come up with some more mis-configurations ...I will be more thankful to you..

with Regards,
You cannot really detect a misconfiguration by simply looking at the configuration of a single piece of equipment. You could have a database of how diffeent equipment connects together and compare the corresponding port configurations either end of a cable to make sure they are the same but this will be more complicated to write than just a simple script.

Have a look at RANCID as it may do what you want :- http://www.shrubbery.net/rancid/

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developer007Author Commented:

 Thanks for the information.

 Thats right. I can't just find in checking one device configuration file. I must need to check all corresponding device information which are interconnected. even I want to check like that.

 I am gonna to write a script in PERL with SNMP configuration and telnet. So, If I have all the mis-configurations in place then I can start writing the script file.

 Please let me know if you know any possible mis-configurations.

With Regards,
native vlan mismatches
permitted vlans on trunk port mismatches
trunk type mismatch
spanning tree portfast (fast start) enabled on switch-switch links
spanning tree disabled on some switches but enabled on others (vlan independant)
If you are looking for errors on the switch like port mismatches etc. a syslog will do the trick and log all the errors. If you are looking for switch design and implementation issues, I don't see how you could write a script for it or I'd be out of a job. =) Some basic things to look for:

1) All the servers on one VLAN. I never understood why people configure a seperate VLAN for servers when everyone needs to connect to them and routing is slower than switching.
2) Not utilizing etherchannel ports (Cisco) or other means to bind multiple ports to a workgroup switch for increased bandwidth.
3) Not implementing spanning-tree and redundant paths to core switches for redundancy.
4) Stacking switches like hubs instead of creating a spoke like configuration.

Just some to look at. Good Luck.
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