svchost.exe error

I am getting svchost.exe error in my windows 2000 professional machine. I have tried all sorts of techniques. LIke formatting the pc several times, runnig scan disk, checking for unwanted process. I have also changed 2 machines as this is my manager's pc. But stiil the machine starts to behave abnormally after some time. the foolowing problems are listed below.
1. I get svchost.exe error. and it shuts down.
2. I get the message "there is not enough memory".
3. When I go to outlook express and click new mail I get the message
    "This message cannot be opened" "There is not enough memory".
4. When I try to save any of my excel files it says file cannot save.
5. All this problem getse solved once I restart the pc and again the problem starts after  
   some time.
Kindly help me to solve this problem. I am in very deep trouble as this problem is there in two of my manager's pc. thanks
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Hello Sherif60,

Check for your swap/pagefile settings. Is there enough room on your Hard Drive for your page file ? Is the pagefile size manually set or is being determined by windows ?

Please post back

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Also scan and check for Welchia worm infection on your NETWORK!
Sounds like the blaster worm to me:

Download and run service pack 4, or at least have service pack 3 installed. It takes upto 2 hours to download so be patient.

Next download and run the BlasterWorm patch for 2k:

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sherif60Author Commented:
I have tried all the above options.
1. I have update the patches for Welchia and Blaster.
2. I have taken a new pc and installed all the programs but still the same problem.
3. I have also checked the registry but the probles is still there.
4. I have service pack 4 already installed.
5. I have also installed Dcom exploit patch.
Please kindly adive and give me a solution.

If you have formatted and installed all the programs from scratch, it really does not seem to be virus related because it's a fresh install.  I'm starting to think it's related to one of the programs installed.  Are you using any custom programs besides the standard programs like office, outllook?

Also, when you look at the event logs, what errors are showing up.  Please post a copy of the errors or warnings.

Sorry, for the delay, I have been out all day.
Hello Sherif60,

- Have you checked your swap/page file settings ?( Right click on My Computer Icon -> Properties -> Advanced -> Settings -> Does it say "let windows choose my settings ?" If not say yes to this. Also go on to the Advanced tab and increse the virtual memory here) You might be needed to reboot after you do these changes.
- After you have made the above change, boot into Safe Mode (by pressing F8 during bootup process) and see if you get the problem
- Download a copy of MSCONFIG for Windows 2000 free from here , Once you have it, boot into safe mode and disable ALL non Microsoft services and programs during startup. Reboot your machine into normal mode and see if the problem still comes back
- What kind of FileSystem do you have for your OS, is it NTFS or FAT32 ?

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